Cognitive Science Minor

Study Across Disciplines

Our cognitive science minor is the interdisciplinary study of the mind and its processes — how and why we think the way we think. Perhaps one of the most interdisciplinary fields offered at Truman, cognitive science lies at the crossroads of neuroscience, philosophy, linguistics, psychology, anthropology and artificial intelligence.

Design Your Own Path

With no required core classes, you are free to choose from a number of related courses in three out of four key areas of focus: computational cognition, language cognition, the psychology of cognition, and the philosophy of cognition. Many of your current major courses can also count toward this minor where appropriate.

You’ll also work closely with a faculty mentor on a capstone project or complete a related internship, finishing with a reflective essay demonstrating your understanding of this fascinating field.

Discover New Connections

At Truman, we know that all fields of study are connected in complicated and fascinating ways. Cognitive science is one of seventeen interdisciplinary studies minors available for you to explore the new possibilities that open up when two or more fields overlap. Our interdisciplinary studies major even allows you to custom-design your own field of study.

Cognitive Science Minor Committee

For more information, please contact the chair or a committee member:

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