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    2. Sept. 3
      19 Sep 2002: Those who participated include KayClapp, Janice Grow, and Scott Olsen, profes-sors of education; David Bethel, associateprofessor of education; Todd Hammond,associate professor of mathematics; Hyun JooKim, assistant professor of ... Jenny Webb, Northeast
    3. Truman Today
      7 Jan 2003: Those who participated include Kay Clapp, Janice Grow, and Scott Olsen, professors of education; David Bethel, associate professor of education; Todd Hammond, associate professor of mathematics; Hyun Joo Kim, assistant professor ... from Cedar Rapids,
    4. June 19, 2007Vol. 11 No. 33 H. Marie Orton, ...
      19 Jun 2007: The following faculty were approved for promotion from associate professor to professor: John Bohac, art; Patricia Gately, English; Todd Hammond, mathematics; Mark Hatala, psychology; Teresa Heckert, psychology; Michael Lockhart, biology; Sara
    5. December 15, 2009Vol. 14 No. 15 President and Mrs. ...
      14 Dec 2009: Todd Kuhns, web services manager, said many Truman alumni and friends regularly check in on the site. ... Pictured (front row, left to right): Emily Reinart, Jamie Menown, Karen Wollberg, Theresa Weinhold, Jennifer Jackson and Jessica Evelsizer.
    6. Several Summer Construction Projects Under Way Along with the ...
      1 Jun 2010: Fourth row (left to right): Megan Laughter, Hayley Hamlin, Loren Lally, Emily Bonser, Ashley Swain, Jamie Menown and Jessica Evelsizer. ... Grow-Maienza, with Alberts and Todd Hammond, professor of mathematics, and Joseph Sencibaugh, associate professor
    7. Sept26.indd
      26 Sep 2006: psychology, presented “Service-Learning Opportunities in Smaller Communities: Variations on the Th eme;” and Todd Hammond, associate professor of mathematics, and Wendy Miner, assistant professor in education, presented “Deepening College and
    8. April 18.indd
      18 Apr 2006: Roff, Cassandra Jean Runge, Erin L. Sadze-wicz, Christine L. Schlosser, Jamie Ann Simon, Neil Paul Stransky, Matthew Johannsen Tingler, Dennis L Trinkle II, Robert Benjamin Tylka, George Wang, Kelly Elizabeth ... For more information, contact Todd Smith
    9. Sept27.indd
      27 Sep 2005: Three additional teams reached elimination rounds in parliamentary debate. Reaching the octafi nal round (“sweet sixteen”) of the tournament was the team of Todd Turner, a sophomore communication major from Chesterfi ... Con-tact Jamie Weninger at 785
    10. March 20, 2007Vol. 11 No. 25 March 21 is ...
      20 Mar 2007: The Truman students who participated in additional tournament events included Trevor Alexander, Sara Archer, Mark Buchheit, Christopher Girouard, Alex Hayden, Kevin Haynie, Cara Hurst, Mike Ito, Jamie Menown, Dylan Rothermel, Keith ... Schnakenberg and
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    12. Truman Today
      7 Jan 2003: Notables . Todd Kuhns, senior communication major from Warrensburg, Mo., recently finished production of a full-length film shot almost entirely in the Kirksville area.this summer.
    13. Truman Today 8 December 1997
      18 Feb 2002: Pictured are: Row 1 (l-r): Jen Kopp, Tracy Reynolds, Susan Burgess, Maggie Thurman, Allison Poehling, Jamie Stafford, Janine Duncanson, Connie Kovach, Jennifer Padberg, Amy Davis, and Carrie Roling.
    14. Feb. 19
      22 May 2002: Baldwin Hall 156. Master Class with Drummer Todd Strait. 6 p.m.Feb. ... 22. Baldwin Hall 156. Jazz QuartetFeaturing Wycliffe Gordon,. Pavel Wlosok, Todd Strait andJames Ward.
    15. Truman Today
      7 Jan 2003: For more information, contact Jamie Bateman at 665.3817. The Zydeco band Zydeco Force will be on campus from Nov.
    16. Truman Today 22 September 1997
      18 Feb 2002: Gehlbach, Kristin Leigh Goodwin, Marissa Holmes, Ashley Anne Jacquin, Megan Sanders Kahn, Mollie Isensee Kahn, Kevin Matthew Koch, Andrew Paul Kropf, Kristin Anne Liebowitz, Ross Jeffrey Martin, Todd Patrick Mitchell, Christopher
    17. 5 year
      15 Apr 2010: Leslie Hardesty Athletics Cynthia Higgins Regional Professional Development Center Bich Kuhns McNair Program Todd Kuhns Information Technology Services Victoria Landrum Psychology Amanda Langendoerfer Library Maria Lindenfelser Business Office Pam
    18. Truman Today
      7 Jan 2003: Sponsored by SCEC and Lenscrafters Foundation. For more information, contact Jamie at 665.3817 or Elizabeth at 665.7036.
    19. 2006 STUDENT RESEARCH CONFERENCETr u m a n’s C ...
      12 Jan 2006: MATH & COMPUTER SCIENCE Dr. Todd Hammond, Violette Hall 2250, Tele: (660) 785-7510E-mail:
    20. Truman Today
      7 Jan 2003: on Thursdays in Baldwin Hall 351. For more information, contact Todd Brooks at 627-0917.
    21. Truman Today
      25 Apr 2003: Senior initiates include: Joanne Appleby, Sandra Biszantz, Jeromy Cannon, Melissa Clark, Hristofor Dimitrov, Katherine Doherty, Allie Hauser, Karl Hendrickson, Jennifer Hertlein, Margaret Holt, Carrie Jones, Gabriel Kennon, Kristopher Kueker, Todd
    22. April 9
      8 Apr 2002: Formore information, contact Jamie Bateman at665.3817.The Coalition of African American Women willcelebrate outstanding women at its 2002 Women’sDay Celebration at 3 p.m., April 13, in the SUBDown

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