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Students Spread Love of Reading to Local Children

Students (from left) Annika Lawless, Lillian Conger, Sydney Bowman and Addy Inlow celebrate the inaugural Kids Reading Corner event. Each Saturday from Sept. 19 through Oct. 31, Truman students will take turns reading to kids on the lawn outside of the courthouse during the farmers’ market in downtown Kirksville.

Sept. 19 marked the first of what will be many events during the next few months where new Truman students promote literacy to area children.

Freshmen Sydney Bowman, Lillian Conger, Addy Inlow and Annika Lawless created the Kids’ Reading Corner, which debuted at the Kiwanis Farmers’ Market in downtown Kirksville, Sept. 19. The students took turns reading to children, and they brought age-appropriate books for older children as well. After setting up camp on the courthouse lawn – complete with balloons, blankets and pillows – area youngsters stopped by the inaugural Kids’ Reading Corner while their parents and guardians were at the farmers’ market.

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