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University Announces Spring Academic Honor Rolls


Students who received a grade point average of 3.5 or better during the spring semester can now find their honor roll information posted online.

The President’s List, for students with a perfect 4.0 grade point average, can be accessed at The Vice President for Academic Affairs’ List, featuring students with a grade point average between 3.50-3.99, can be found at To qualify for either list, a student must be an undergraduate and complete at least 12 hours of credit during the semester.

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Art is Life

“I’m attracted to both fibers and ceramics because as a discipline they both started as purely functional objects. There is no practical reason for people to add decoration to the surface of a pot or intricately sew patterns into cloth, and yet we do.”

Sana Camara

Here to Help

Originally from Senegal, Sana Camara uses a teaching philosophy characterized by gentleness and good humor. Nonetheless, he also believes students should always be challenged so they can appreciate the value of their knowledge.


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“There’s just something awesome about taking something tattered, torn, used, forgotten – these baseballs that have definitely seen better days, ones that most coaches would just throw away – and just turning them into beautiful pieces of art.”

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