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    2. Several Summer Construction Projects Under Way Along with the ...
      1 Jun 2010: Fourth row (left to right): Megan Laughter, Hayley Hamlin, Loren Lally, Emily Bonser, Ashley Swain, Jamie Menown and Jessica Evelsizer. ... Grow-Maienza, with Alberts and Todd Hammond, professor of mathematics, and Joseph Sencibaugh, associate professor
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    4. JANUARY 88, 2008A weekly newsletter for students, faculty and ...
      21 Sep 2010: Those who participated included Becky Beitling, Jamie Boschert, Rachel Cope, Julie Dusheke, Karrie Evens, Kate Hagenhoff, Theresa Hasting, Kassie Henning, Katy Leakey, Jackie Ross, Alyssa Scott and Emily Shaw.
    5. May 4, 2010Vol. 14 No. 31 Gov. Jay Nixon ...
      3 May 2010: Not pictured: Jana Arabas, Charlene Bridges, Benjamin Briney, Zachary Burden, Marjorie Burick-Hughes, Don Cochrane, Cassie DeBlauw, Mark Gole, Leslie Hardesty, Bich Kuhns, Todd Kuhns, Victoria Landrum, Amanda Langendoerfer, Beverly Perrachione,
    6. 5 year
      15 Apr 2010: Leslie Hardesty Athletics Cynthia Higgins Regional Professional Development Center Bich Kuhns McNair Program Todd Kuhns Information Technology Services Victoria Landrum Psychology Amanda Langendoerfer Library Maria Lindenfelser Business Office Pam
    7. Twelve McNair Scholars, accompanied by Program Director Dr. Sylvia ...
      9 Apr 2010: Kathy Elsea, Ms. Lesa Kerlin, Ms. Rosa Mendez, Mr. Todd Phillips, and Ms.
    8. March 23, 2010Vol. 14 No. 25 Get on the ...
      22 Mar 2010: Todd Phillips, director of the Student Success Center, recently presented in Columbus, Ohio, at the National Association for Developmental Education Conference with colleagues Hunter Boylan, from Appalachian State University and Kathryn
    9. March 2, 2010Vol. 14 No. 23 Cupelli, Johnson Lead ...
      1 Mar 2010: We want to use the same kind of innovative technology that Google uses to promote its products to sell Kirksville,” said Todd Kuhns, web services manager for Truman ITS and a

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