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    2. Sept26.indd
      26 Sep 2006: psychology, presented “Service-Learning Opportunities in Smaller Communities: Variations on the Th eme;” and Todd Hammond, associate professor of mathematics, and Wendy Miner, assistant professor in education, presented “Deepening College and
    3. April 18.indd
      18 Apr 2006: Roff, Cassandra Jean Runge, Erin L. Sadze-wicz, Christine L. Schlosser, Jamie Ann Simon, Neil Paul Stransky, Matthew Johannsen Tingler, Dennis L Trinkle II, Robert Benjamin Tylka, George Wang, Kelly Elizabeth ... For more information, contact Todd Smith
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    5. Dec5.indd
      5 Dec 2006: Admission to each performance is free. Contact Todd Coulter at for at 785.4519 for more information.
    6. Attention August Graduates Truman Alumni Association and the Office…
      17 Jul 2006: Jamie Hansen, Lisa Hooper, Daniel Johnson, Beatrice Kelrick, Josh Lemmer, Jamie Matthews, Andrea O’Brien, John O’Brien, Gwen Perrachione, Mika Porro, Sasha Rassi, Deanna Rood, Elaine Scudder, Charles Tonon, Teresa
    7. June6.indd
      6 Jun 2006: TSU (Truman State University) SIFE fi nished in the top 20 teams in the country out of 950 nationwide,” said Todd Smith, the team’s former president.
    8. April 25.indd
      24 Apr 2006: 4200. Upcoming Student Activities Board (SAB) Events. MYTHBUSTERS: JAMIE HYNEMAN AND ADAM SAVAGE8 p.m. •
    9. 2006 STUDENT RESEARCH CONFERENCETr u m a n’s C ...
      12 Jan 2006: MATH & COMPUTER SCIENCE Dr. Todd Hammond, Violette Hall 2250, Tele: (660) 785-7510E-mail:

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