Anthropology Minor

Anthropology is a comparative science that examines all societies from different angles to gain a better understanding of humanity’s past, present and future. No matter what major you are pursuing at Truman, you can increase the multicultural dimension of your degree with a minor in anthropology.

When you pursue an anthropology minor, you add to your intellectual foundation and enhance your cultural awareness as you explore the societies of the world. Learn how to ask thoughtful questions and use your critical thinking skills to discover what shapes the world.

Career Preparation That Makes a Difference

Anthropology provides an understanding of the basics of cultural variation that’s useful in a broad range of fields such as medicine, law, counseling, nursing, and nutrition. An increased sensitivity to ethnic and population diversity also facilitates working in an international setting.

Internship Opportunity

December 6, 2017

Do you want to create change, have an impact, and share your unique ideas? Then spend your summer getting the tools, experience, and connections necessary to jumpstart your career with the Quality Bicycle Products Equity and Diversity Internship. Immerse yourself in the bike industry while benefiting from one-on-one mentoring, collaborating with a team, and heading […]

New Sociology/Anthropology Majors Make Lasting ContributionsNew Sociology/Anthropology Majors Make Lasting Contributions

December 4, 2017

Each semester, students in SOAN 130 New Majors Seminar for Sociology/Anthropology develop their own group projects with a goal of making a positive contribution to life in our community while developing relationships with their peers and learning about themselves, their peers and our community. On Saturday, December 2, the group that has been volunteering for […]

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