Foundation Scholarship FAQs

The Truman State University Foundation awards scholarships to currently enrolled Truman students which are financed by the contributions of alumni, friends, parents, faculty, staff, campus organizations, foundations and corporations.
The major benefactor of a scholarship establishes the scholarship name. You can establish a scholarship in your own name or choose to name it for a friend, family member, organization, a favorite faculty member or mentor, or someone else who has had an impact on your life.
You can aid in establishing the scholarship criteria by expressing your intentions for the award. The Truman State University Foundation will draft the scholarship criteria according to your specifications and present it to you for your approval.
Annual scholarship funds provide support to students immediately, while endowed funds produce scholarships through interest earnings and are designed to last in perpetuity. Some donors choose to establish both types so that they can see scholarships awarded as the endowed fund builds.
Foundation scholarships available to incoming freshmen at Truman are awarded by the Admission Office. For more information on these scholarships visit the Admission web site.

Foundation scholarships for currently enrolled upperclass students are advertised on the Truman website and applications are collected online. Typically, a selection committee carefully reviews each application and selects the most deserving recipient(s) based on the established criteria.

For incoming freshman and transfer students, the application you completed when you applied to Truman provided automatic consideration for Foundation scholarships so no additional steps are required by you. Upperclass students currently enrolled at Truman can submit an application for a majority of the Foundation scholarships in February for scholarship funds that are distributed for the next academic year. All Truman students receive email notifications with application information and deadlines for Foundation scholarships, and the application is available in TruView. For more details, see “Applying  for Foundation Scholarships.”
You will be notified annually when the scholarship recipient(s) has been selected. You will be informed of the name and hometown of the recipient, as well as the amount of the award and status of the fund.

Have more questions?
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Office of Advancement
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Telephone: (800) 452-6678 or (660) 785-4133
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