Past PHRE Conference – 2007


The 18th Annual

Undergraduate Philosophy & Religion Conference

Saturday, November 10, 2007
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
SUB Conference room (301)

Hosted by Truman State University Department of Philosophy and Religion

Conference Schedule

9:00 am – Welcome 

9:05 am – Paper 1

Sunyata and Interbeing: An Approach to Buddhist-Christian Dialogue
By:  Arthur David Gregg
Truman State University

9:35 am – Paper 2

The Whole Shebang: Science and Religion in Relationship
By: Levi M. Hadley
Southeast Missouri State University

10:05 am – Paper 3

The Logic of Paul’s Ethics: A Paradigm Shift in Literary Terms
By: Brad Smith
Truman State University

10:35 am – Break

10:40 am – Paper 4

Examining the Mean Relative to Us
By: Rick Archer
Illinois State University

11:10 am – Paper 5

The Problem of Evil and Its Solution
By: Trevor Hedberg
Baker University

11:40 am – Paper 6

Free Will and Calvinism in Jonathan Edwards
By: Kacey Proctor
Southeast Missouri State University

12:10 pm – Lunch 1 hr, 10 min

1:20 pm – Paper 

Conversing With Angels and the Search for Divine Language: John Dee the Scientist, John Dee the Conjurer
By: Matt Schweizer
Truman State University

1:50 pm – Paper 8

The Cosmological and Anthropological Framework of Ibn ‘Arabi’s teaching of Union with God
By: Daniel Greeson
Western Kentucky University

2:20 pm – Paper 9

From Rules to Principles: The Transformation of a Jewish Agricultural Ethic
By: Travis Berg
Minnesota State University

2:50 pm – Paper 10

Xun Zi: An Investigation on Xun Zi’s Doctrine of Human Nature
By: Brandon Johnson
Western Kentucky University

3:20 pm – Break

3:30 pm – Paper 11

Inheriting Cosmopolitanism: Thomas Pogge and Jacques Derrida on Global Injustice
By: Samuel Timme
Creighton University

4:00 pm – Paper 12

Toward a Pluralistic, Postmodern Polis: Restructuring Foucault’s Objections to Habermas’ Discourse Ethics
By: Ivar Rodriguez
Principia College

4:30 pm – Paper 13

The Harmony of Faith and Reason in Saint Thomas Aquinas
By: Daniel De Haan
Belmont University

5:00 pm – Paper 14

The Enlightenment of God: Kenosis and the Salvation of the World
By: Chris Nation
Truman State University

5:30 pm – Paper 15

The Continuum of Communication in Christianity, with Occasional
Reference to The Moment and Late Writings
By:  Michael McEvilly
Washington University in Saint Louis

6:00 pm – Closing remarks and Dinner Break

7:30 pm – Keynote speaker

Science and Religion in Islam
Dr. Taner Edis
Department of Physics, Truman State University