Japanese Minor

Pursuing the Japanese Minor opens a world of opportunities.  Having the ability to communicate across languages and cultures ensures you’re well-positioned for jobs in government, international relations, finance, tourism, translation, teaching, and more.  This minor is frequently combined with majors such as English, Linguistics, Computer Science, Art, Biology, Business, Psychology, Sociology/Anthropology, Philosophy/Religion, and History.

You can pursue elementary, intermediate, and advanced Japanese to attain a solid foundation of language skills and an understanding of Japanese culture. Then you can choose to further your pursuit of Japanese studies by taking related courses in art, philosophy and religion, history, literature, film, economics, political science, and geography.

Experience Japanese culture first-hand through study abroad programs. One of our faculty-led study-abroad programs combines learning Japanese and visiting cultural sites in Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Tokyo. For another study-abroad opportunity, you can assist in teaching English to high school and college students in Japan while being immersed in Japanese society.

Outside of class, you can take part in activities such as Anime Club and the Japanese Language Exchange Group.