Chemistry Department

Protocol for NMR Sample Submissions

Tubes are to be clean, unbroken and 7″ or longer (tubes shorter than 7″ can not be picked up by the sample changer). Cracked, dirty or otherwise suspect tubes will not be run. Repeated submission of sub-standard tubes will result in revocation of all NMR privileges.

If only a 1H spectrum is required, the sample must contain a minimum of 5 mg of material.

For both 1H and 13C spectra, the sample must contain at least 20 mg of material.

Sample volume should be ~0.6 mL (~4 cm height in a 5 mm tube). Volumes much greater than this, or much less than this, may mean the sample can not be run.

The solvent must be deuterated! Samples in nondeuterated solvents will be returned. Repeated submission of nondeuterated solvents will result in revocation of all NMR privileges.

If the sample is cloudy, please filter it before submission. Unfiltered samples may give very poor results.

Place a label on the tube with your name and the sample ID. The labels should not stick out. It is best write the required information on a small piece of paper, poke a hole in it, and insert the tube through the hole.

Drop off the sample with either Stephanie (Organic Chemistry Stockroom) or Heather (General Chemistry Stockroom) and fill out the experiment request form. Indicate the experiments that you want done on separate lines. Indicate the range (in ppm) that you want your spectrum to cover. If no range is indicated, the standard 0 to 11 ppm for 1H and 0 to 215 ppm for 13C will be assumed.

If you would like any special processing (expansions, peak picking, etc.), please check the special processing box, and list the special needs by sample ID.

Use the back of the page to describe any special handling requirements, experiments, etc. that there is no room for on the front. Be sure to clearly indicate that you have done so and specify which instructions go with which sample.