Chemistry Seminar Program

General Purpose of the Chemistry Seminar Program

◾To help students develop professional skills and attitudes of scientists.

◾To address issues of importance to scientists that typically do not fit well into traditional chemistry courses. (eg. scientific ethics, career issues, etc.)

◾To work in conjunction with academic advisors to help students appreciate the interconnections in the chemistry curriculum and develop and execute a plan to successfully complete graduation requirements in a timely fashion.

◾To further prepare students for the transition from their undergraduate experience to the next step in their careers as scientists.

CHEM 145 Course Objectives

◾To familiarize the students with the opportunities in and requirements for a career in chemistry or a chemistry-related field.

◾To encourage thought about those characteristics that contribute to the making of a good scientist and to emphasize how diversity of perspective and talĀ­ents can help solve scientific problems.

◾To introduce ideas or topics of growing importance related to chemistry that are not typically covered in General Chemistry.

◾To familiarize the students with the people (especially their own classmates and the faculty) and the opportunities within the chemistry discipline at Truman State University.

◾To develop a better understanding of the chemistry curriculum and the chemistry degree worksheet and develop an academic plan to satisfy the requirements of the Liberal Studies Program and the Chemistry degree in a reasonable fashion.

◾To help identify possible deficiencies in math skills and direct students to assistance in improving their understanding of mathematics as it applies to problem solving in chemistry.

CHEM 245 Course Objectives

◾To understand the importance of safety for a scientific professional.

◾To more fully understand government regulations, exposure hazards, and chemical safety information.

◾To learn the proper way to respond to an emergency situation in the laboratory.

◾To review modern safe laboratory protocols and techniques.

◾To create a proactive attitude toward one’s own safety as well as the safety of others.

◾To reinforce the value system of honesty and integrity in science.

◾To examine this value system through case studies focused on scientific ethics.

◾To introduce students to the undergraduate research opportunities available in the Chemistry discipline.

◾To discuss the benefits, challenges and outcomes of undergraduate research.

◾In conjunction with the academic advisor, update the degree worksheet, review academic plan and make modifications in light of course performance, scheduling, etc.

CHEM 345 Course Objectives

◾To help all Truman Chemistry Graduates obtain the ability to make clear and interesting oral presentations of scientific information.

◾To gain experience in the utilization and analysis of the current chemical literature, including becoming familiar with modern electronic literature databases.

◾To examine the limitations and possibilities of current methods for dissemination of research data.

◾In conjunction with the academic advisor, update the degree worksheet, review academic plan and make modifications in light of course performance, scheduling, etc.

◾Make students aware of graduate and professional school entrance exams. Strongly encourage graduate school-bound students to consider taking the general GRE during the summer between junior and senior years.

CHEM 445 Course Objectives

◾To review materials in preparation of MFAT, GRE, etc.

◾To explore methods for preparing a professional resume.

◾To introduce methods for applying to graduate or professional schools (jobs).

◾To discuss effective interviewing techniques.

◾To complete a senior portfolio.