Chemistry Department

Chemistry Field Guide

Note: This guide is intended primarily for Truman State University students but can be of use to everyone.

The links below point you to many useful items that will aid your success in the chemistry program at Truman. Some of the links point to items that have been prepared locally, but others point to sites the faculty think may be useful as well. If you come across an item that you think would be useful to include, or if you run into dead links, please let Dr. Brian Lamp know.

In need of help outside of your professor’s office hours? Try the folks at the Chemistry Contact Center!

Course prerequisite, corequisite, and availability information for all chemistry courses is available in this table.

View a Sample 4-Year Plan. Also, see outcomes and objectives for the x45 seminar program. This constantly evolving compilation of information is a very useful resource for any student in a chemistry laboratory. Here you will find guides for things like:

  • Laboratory Safety
  • The Laboratory Notebook
  • Before Laboratory
  • Instrumentation
  • Data Analysis with information on topics such as preparing graphs, statistics and tips for using Excel®.
  • Writing Laboratory Reports
  • Course-specific links

Guidelines for CHEM 443, Advanced Chemistry Research. Deadlines and a guide for preparing your proposal and research report.