Chinese Language

At Truman, you can take a three-year sequence of Chinese courses and an independent foreign language study course for fourth-year Chinese, as well as a course in Chinese culture. Chinese native speakers teach all these courses.

For more information, consult Truman’s course catalog.

Study Abroad in China

Solidify your language skills by studying abroad in China at Shanghai University for one or two semesters; participate in a five-week faculty-led China Summer Study Abroad program in Beijing, Xian and Shanghai; a semester-long internship/study abroad program teaching English conversation at Shuizhai High School; or a four-week trip to teach English and American culture to elementary and high school students in Chuanghua, Taiwan.

You don’t even need to leave the country to interact with Chinese speakers abroad, thanks to our Taiwan Connect program. Through the magic of Skype chat, you’ll teach English to elementary school students in Chuanghua County, Taiwan, in weekly 25-minute sessions.

But Don’t Stop There…

At Truman, you can pursue your interest in Chinese even further by taking related courses in art, mythology, literature, history, geography, politics, and culture. You may even choose to declare an Asian Studies Minor to complement your major and pursue your own specialized course of study.

Truman students on the Huang-Pu River cruise at Shanghai

Tagliatelle dinnerTagliatelle dinner

November 11, 2017

Several members of the Club for Italian Appreciation and Outreach (C.I.A.O.) met in Dr. Carlo Annelli’s very own kitchen to make tagliatelle from scratch and enjoy them with a rich bolognese sauce. Dinner included an appetizer of prosciutto e melone and plenty of San Pellegrino sparkling water. A generous slice of tiramisù topped off a […]

Students’ Calligraphy and Paper-Cut Works Are Exhibited in the LibraryStudents’ Calligraphy and Paper-Cut Works Are Exhibited in the Library

November 8, 2017

Students of CHIN 311, Introduction to Chinese Culture, practiced some traditional Chinese forms of art, including Chinese calligraphy and paper-cut in class. Selected works are exhibited on the third floor of the library now. As an attempt to combine cultural practices with theoretical studies, the instructor of this course, Dr. Liulin Zhang, incorporated various culture-related […]

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