Chemistry Course & Prerequisite Info

In the “Offered” column, F = fall semester, S = spring semester, U = summer.

All chemistry courses have a CHEM ### designation

Last modified 08/23/2012.  Occasionally changes to course pre-reqs and co-reqs will be made.  When in doubt, use TruView to view the official course information, including schedule using the Banner system.

#Course TitlePrerequisiteCo-requisiteOffered
100Chemistry for Contemporary Living  FSU
129Basic Principles of Chemistry  FSU
130Chemical Principles ICompletion of MATH 156 or higher math placement FS
131Chemical Principles II with Inorganic Chemistry130 FS
145Freshman Chemistry Seminar  F
201Glass Blowing  **
222Introduction to Quantitative Analysis131 FS
245Sophomore Chemistry Seminar  F
310Modern Methods in Biochemistry332 or 333335FS
320Foundations of Organic Chemistry131 a
322Instrumental Analysis222323 or 325FS
323Physical Chemistry I222MATH 264 and PHYS 185 or 195F
324Physical Chemistry I Laboratory222 (332 or 333 are highly recommended as prerequisites)MATH 264 and PHYS 185 or 195. To be taken with CHEM 323F
325Physical Chemistry II222MATH 264, PHYS 186 or PHYS 196S
326Physical Chemistry II Laboratory222 (332 or 333 are highly recommended as prerequisites.)To be taken with CHEM 325.S
329Organic Chemistry I131 FS
330Organic Chemistry I Lab329 FS
331Organic Chemistry II329 FSU
332Organic Chemistry II Lab330 and 331 b  
333Organic Chemistry Lab329 and pre- or co-requisite: 331 FSU
335Biochemistry I:  Structure and Function331 or 320 FS
345Junior Chemistry Seminar245 F
422Advanced Topics in Organic Chemistryinstructor’s permission, 323-326, and (331/332 or 333) F
430Advanced Physical Chemistry323-325326c
431Advanced Analytical ChemistryGrade of C or better in 322 S
435Biochemistry II: Metabolism335 S
441Chemistry Research I20 hours of chemistry FSU
442Chemistry Research II441441FSU
443Chemistry Research III325 and 326 and approval of proposal by the Chemistry Department FSU
445Senior Chemistry Seminar  F
473Inorganic Chemistry323 and 325Taken concurrently with 474F
474Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory324, 326 and (332 or 333)Taken concurrently with 473F
476Advanced Inorganic Chemistry473/474 S
518Advanced Topics325, 326  

Offered spring semester of even numbered years.

May be taken either prior to or concurrent with CHEM 332.  Chemistry majors typically take CHEM 331 concurrent with 332 or 333.

Offered spring semester of odd numbered years.