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The field of English has responded to the theoretical challenges of deconstruction, feminism, Marxism, psychoanalysis, and New Historicism; it has tried to make sense of the postmodern and postcolonial present; it has watched its anthologies grow as definitions of “texts” have become more inclusive. Exciting changes are now happening in English study as it becomes more varied and diverse.

Given the dynamic re-imaginings of the field, the Truman graduate program in English offers you flexibility and possibility. Truman’s English Master of Arts program “grows naturally out of the philosophy, values, content, and desired outcomes of a liberal arts education” as expressed in the University’s mission statement.

Pursue Your Passion

English Major & Minor

Our graduate faculty have expertise in many areas of study (and quite a few quirky interests as well). The Master of Arts in English offers not only a breadth of exposure but also an opportunity for in-depth exploration in one corner of the discipline you find useful and fascinating. We assist you in finding your niche — whether in linguistics, literary theory, pedagogy, a particular literature, or creative writing.

Personal Attention

Linguistics Major & Minor

The personal attention each student receives is also central to our program. Each student works closely with a faculty advisor; this strong bond between advisors and advisees is essential for graduate students tailoring their own course of study.

Selected candidates who show exceptional promise in college teaching may compete for teaching stipends. As apprentice teachers, you’ll work closely with a mentor to hone your professional techniques and shape your philosophies of teaching and composition. Few graduate programs offer such opportunities on the MA level. Truman helps you build professional competence and get a head start on valuable experiences.

Preparing for Lives That Matter

Creative Writing Major

Our program offers a variety of courses in literary theory, composition theory, creative writing, and linguistics (and additional coursework for the graduate teaching assistants). We also offer advanced courses with rotating topics based on needs and interests. At Truman, you’ll have the opportunity to deepen your reading and research, contribute to scholarship, and gain personal and professional confidence to face whatever comes next.

Distinguished alumna Allison Coffelt as our Keynote SpeakerDistinguished alumna Allison Coffelt as our Keynote Speaker

November 17, 2017

Join us as we welcome back distinguished alumna Allison Coffelt as our Keynote speaker at the English and Linguistics Senior Seminar Conference. She is the author of Maps Are Lines We Draw: A Road Trip Through Haiti (forthcoming from Lanternfish Press, 2018). She is currently the Education and Outreach Director of the True/False Film Festival […]

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