Communication Disorders Department

Facilities and Equipment

The clinical facilities for communication disorders students at Truman State University are attractive and well-designed for instruction. All therapy rooms have direct observation and video recording capability. Students have access to a collection of traditional therapy materials, tests, and clinical computing resources available to students all day every day.

Our primary classroom includes state-of-the art instructional technology.

Clinical Facilities

Communication disorders students working with children in speech and hearing clinic

Speech and Hearing Clinic

The Speech and Hearing Clinic is equipped with telecommunication technology that allows for the delivery of remote speech and language services with other facilities across the state. Truman students have the opportunity to have clients in the clinic.

Truman student working with a young girl

Early Literacy Lab

The Truman-RiteCare Early Literacy Lab provides space for the remediation and prevention of literacy problems in children who are at risk. Truman students gain practical experience working with children.