SOAN Major: Graduate School

Graduate School for Sociology/Anthropology Majors

When you are ready to start exploring graduate schools, the best advice we can give is to talk to someone who has been to graduate school in your chosen field – talk to your professors about graduate school. Not only have they been to graduate school themselves, they know many former Truman State University students from this program who are currently in graduate programs who might help you learn what’s out there.

Professors you’ve had in class will also know your strengths (and weaknesses) and be able to give you recommendations for your personal interests.

Plus, you’ll need to ask them for letters of recommendation for you anyway. The more you talk to your professors about your interests, the better those letters can be.

We also have department guides in the Anthropology Lab in Barnett Hall 2222. You can skim the descriptions to find programs with faculty who share your interests.

More resources you can explore:

Here is another site you can search for rankings of academic programs Data from 1995 National Research Council (NRC) assessments of doctoral programs in the United States every 10 to 15 years). The data we use are from the most recent assessment, the 1995 study Research-Doctorate Programs in the United States: Continuity and Change.