Physics/Engineering Dual Degree FAQ

What is a dual degree program?

It is a combination of degree programs from two institutions that allows a student to receive two related degrees. Our Dual Degree lets you earn a Bachelor of Arts in Physics from Truman and a Bachelor of Sciences from an Engineering School (e.g., Missouri S & T, University of Missouri, Iowa State, etc.)

What are the advantages of receiving an engineering degree and a physics degree?

Your liberal arts and sciences background from Truman gives you flexibility and breadth in your education, preparing you for leadership roles in industry. The Physics BA gives you an advanced physics background that is very helpful with Engineering courses when you enter the Engineering program. An engineering degree provides the depth and focus of an engineering discipline and the expertise to be a professional in the technical world. The interconnectedness of the two degrees makes them valuable and appealing to employers.

How does it work?

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Physics is a four-year degree that provides a strong liberal arts core, a solid foundation of physics, and a personalized 15 hour learning plan you can tailor to suit your goals.

Your learning plan can consist entirely of engineering courses. The Physics BA also requires 6 hours of physics-related electives, which can be upper-level engineering courses taken at the engineering school.

How long will it take to complete the program, including all the requirements from two universities?

In the course of first six semesters, you complete all requirements for the Truman BA except for the physics electives, learning plan and general electives. In two regular semesters at engineering school, you will have sufficient credits to transfer back to Truman and receive the BA degree (even before you complete the BS in engineering). With your six Truman semesters completed, you would have already fulfilled (and far exceeded) the normal curriculum for our pre-engineering transfer students.

Upon transferring, you would be situated similarly to our pre-engineering students when you start on your Engineering program at UM – Columbia and MUST – Rolla, among others. If you plan carefully, you can obtain both the physics and engineering degrees in approximately five years. Sometimes specific requirements of particular engineering programs may make it necessary for you to take one or two summer courses from the engineering school in between your time at Truman and starting at the engineering school.

What if I change my mind about my degree plans after I start at Truman?

The beauty of this program is that you have many choices as you move along. In your first year, it is easy to switch seamlessly to any other major (even non-science). In the second year, you could easily choose to become a 4-year BS or BA physics major or change to the ordinary pre-engineering transfer program.

Even in your third year you could switch to the BA (or the BS in Physics) and still graduate in four years. If you begin at Truman as a pre-engineering transfer student or a physics major, you can likewise change into the Dual Degree program at any point along the way.

Can I be a double major at Truman and still participate in the Physics/Engineering Dual Degree program?

Yes. Receiving a second degree from Truman usually requires an additional year or more of course work. It is unlikely that you would receive two degrees from Truman and an engineering degree from elsewhere in five years.

How will I take care of transferring courses and finishing up with my Truman degree while I am away at engineering school?

After you transfer to an Engineering school, you will submit Learning Plan and Physics Elective Substitution forms to the Engineering Program Coordinator or the Department Chair. Additionally, keep in touch with the Registrar and follow the graduation process outlined at

The Truman Catalog states that I must take my last 28 hours at Truman. But I will be at my engineering school then!

This requirement has been waived for students in this program.

Can I take any of the physics courses normally part of the Truman physics BA at my engineering school?

Possibly. Such cases are handled on a case-by-case basis by the Engineering Program Coordinator.

Why can’t I just get the physics and the engineering degree from Truman?

Truman State University does not offer engineering degrees.


Truman has pushed me to try harder than ever before and not give up as easily and those qualities will translate easily into my career.

Dan Borrelli, Class of 2021