Nursing Simulation Center & Facilities

Nursing Simulation Center (NSC)

Nursing Simulation CenterOur Nursing Simulation Center (NSC) provides a safe caring environment where nursing majors can practice their skills and develop sound critical thinking and decision-making abilities as they progress through the nursing curriculum. The NSC is used in addition to clinical experiences in acute care and community health settings.

The 10-bed NSC is located on the third floor of the Health Sciences Building within the Department of Nursing with an additional six-bed skills lab in the Pershing Building.

Hands-on Training

The NSC simulates the look and feel of a hospital with its beds, carts, and crib and is equipped with high-tech medical equipment including a MedDispense®, cardiac monitor, bedside computers, and state of the art Alaris® infusion pumps.

Nursing Simulation CenterIt is home to several Laerdal® mid-fidelity manikins, including adults, child, infant, and newborn. Medium-fidelity manikins have electronic heart, lung, and bowel sounds, which familiarize students with the experience of working with a real patient. The manikins can be controlled remotely by faculty to simulate a variety of clinical situations. The two breakout rooms are equipped with cameras, microphones, and monitors to record simulation experiences allowing faculty to play back and debrief students to facilitate student reflection following the simulation.

In addition to the NSC lab, there are six computers and two televisions in the computer lab, located at the end of the hall within the nursing department. The computer lab is for nursing students only.

Luke Gittemeier

For me, Truman is made by the people I have met and the people who are found across the school. In one aspect, this is found in the organizations across campus: Greek letters painting the pavements, LARP-ing coloring the Quad, political activism sculpting the sidewalks…I feel as though everyone has a purpose — a niche that every individual can fit into.

Luke G., Nursing Major