Meet Jonas

Duane G. Meyer Library Internship

Jonas Chang

History and Anthropology Double Major
Class of 2018

v“I would recommend this internship to any history major, even if you are not interested in archival work. After having worked with archivists, both traditional and digital, I truly understand how to effectively research. There are conventions in cataloging and defining sources that I did not know about beforehand. Now that I do, I am not worried that I will struggle to define my search terms and be frustrated when the search engine does not find what I am looking for.

There are a lot of projects that you have the opportunity to help with beyond digital archiving. These include setting up exhibits, transcribing and scanning three-hundred year old books, and prepping donations and cataloging them. By the end of the internship you have a good understanding of the scope of an archivist’s work.

The Special Collections is very willing to work with your hours. I had a part-time job during the summer and did not have a problem coming into the Special Collections when I could. I never felt like I needed to come in at a certain time or on a specific day.

Shannon Mawhiney, the digital archivist at the Special Collections, is a fantastic mentor. She and the other archivists in the Special Collections are a lot of fun to be around and make you feel welcomed.”