Meet Katie

Katie Boesch: Judicial Archives Internship

History Major
Class of 2016

student loved this internship because it was hands-on history. It wasn’t just sitting in the library reading a book for a class. It was opening, cleaning, restoring, and reading documents that hadn’t been uncovered in over 100 years. It made me excited about local history and the communities surrounding Kirksville.

Mary McIntosh, the internship supervisor, is AMAZING. I loved coming in to work for her every day. She made me excited about history and was a fantastic person to work with.

This internship is flexible and on your own time. I could come and go as I wanted which fit in with my busy summer schedule. I even was able to take a week off to go visit family. I still was able to easily complete the hour requirement for the summer.

I learned a great deal about archival work through this internship. This internship made me realize the many career possibilities for history majors, outside of teaching and research.

It was an entirely unique experience that I will never have again. Getting the opportunity to learn about archival work was amazing and something I never thought I would do during my time at Truman.

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