Business Administration Major

International Business Concentration

As a business administration major pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree, you can select international business as a concentration (other areas of concentration include finance, management, and marketing).

Pursue Business Skills with a Global Focus

When you’re working in today’s global economy, you need to know how to navigate the intricacies of international business. At Truman, you learn how to serve customers in international markets; how to take a local business global; and how to make decisions in a business environment with constantly-changing exchange rates, capital markets, and tax laws. Gain a better understanding of global forces such as business transactions between and within countries, the laws and logistics of international trade, and manage foreign operations.

Explore International Settings Up Close

Truman has connections with a number of international business schools. Learn a foreign language for a competitive advantage when building relationships with international clients and partners. Then test your skills through an international internship or study abroad.

Career Opportunities

  • international organizations
  • local business firms involved in international trade
  • headquarters or subsidiaries of multinational corporations
  • banks and other international financial institutions
  • various governmental organizations