Business Administration Major

Finance Concentration

As a business administration major, you can select finance as a concentration (other areas of concentration include international business, management, and marketing).

Solid Business Core + Financial Knowledge = Successful Business Professionals

Business administration majors interested in acquiring business and analytical tools necessary to make decisions in a rapidly changing business and regulatory environment often select a concentration in finance. You develop a working knowledge of the financial decision-making process, acquisition and management of capital, and the construction and management of investment portfolios.

Perfect Your Investment Management Skills

At Truman, you have the opportunity to practice your investment management skills using real money. Working with other student members of the Bulldog Student Investment Fund, a student-run investment opportunity, you gain experience in all aspects of managing an endowment, including portfolio construction, asset allocation, investment policy statement maintenance and development, equity security analysis, and performance reporting. Any Truman student interested in learning more about investments can get involved.

Career Opportunities

  • financial analysis
  • capital budgeting
  • banking
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • cash management
  • financial planning
  • investment and portfolio analysis and management
  • real estate
  • insurance