Master of Athletic Training Program

MAT Program Specific Costs

The Master of Athletic Training degree has associated fees. These fees are at the expense of the student. Costs may vary and prices are subject to change. Additional information can be provided by the program director or clinical coordinator.

  1. Truman State University Graduate Application Fee of $40 is due at the time of application to the degree program. This is a one-time fee.
  2. Castle Branch background check $49.95 (if applicable).*
    *Some off-campus clinical sites may require a background check
  3. NATA Membership $80. This is paid annually to the NATA for a student membership by December 31.
  4. ECC First Aid/CPR Certification $9-$15 (Admission Requirement). It is the student’s responsibility to maintain a current certification for the duration of the program.
  5. Individual Athletic Training Course Fee $10. This fee is included in the tuition fees.
  6. Physical Exam $60. This is an admission requirement to be submitted prior to June 1 of acceptance year. This may be completed with any physician, physician assistant, or registered nurse.
  7. Athletic Training clothing ~$70.
  8. Board of Certification Exam $330. This exam is to be taken the final semester of the program and is required for certification.
  9. ATrack membership $90 for a lifetime student subscription.
  10. Gas and mileage to off-campus clinical sites is at the student’s own expense. Many sites are within a three-mile radius of campus but full immersion experiences may be further.