The plan listed below is designed to provide suggestions for sequencing your major courses, but there are also other ways to sequence most majors. This plan is meant to provide aid in early, provisional planning. Please consult with your academic advisor to make strategic academic decisions about which courses to take each semester.

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Sample Four Year Plan: Computer Science (BS)

FALL - Semester 1

CS 100: Freshman Seminar
CS 180: Foundations of Computer Science I
MATH 198: Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
Liberal Studies Program (LSP) coursework
Truman Week

SPRING - Semester 2

CS 181: Foundations of Computer Science II
CS 191: Computing Structures
MATH 263: Analytic Geometry and Calculus II
Liberal Studies Program (LSP) coursework

FALL - Semester 3

CS 250: Systems Programming
CS 260: Object-Oriented Programming
CS 291: Models of Computation
Liberal Studies Program (LSP) coursework

SPRING - Semester 4

CS 310: Data Structures and Algorithms
CS 330: Computer Architecture and Organization
Liberal Studies Program (LSP) coursework
Required Support course

FALL - Semester 5

CS XXX: One course from Area A
BS Requirement
JINS 3XX: Writing-Enhanced Junior Seminar
LSP PHRE Mode of Inquiry
Liberal Studies Program (LSP) coursework

SPRING - Semester 6

CS XXX: One course from Area A
CS 345: Cyberethics
STAT 290: Statistics
Liberal Studies Program (LSP) coursework

FALL - Semester 7

CS 495: Senior Seminar
CS XXX: One course from Area C
Liberal Studies Program (LSP) coursework
BS requirement

SPRING - Semester 8

CS XXX: One course from Area C
CS XXX: One course from Area B
Liberal Studies Program (LSP) coursework
Capstone Experience
Electives to total at least 120 hours

Area A courses include CS 315: Programming, CS 360: Systems Analysis and Design, CS 370: Software Engineering, and CS 430: Database Systems.

Area B courses include CS 390: Operating Systems, CS 420: Compilers, CS 435: Parallel and Distributed Processing, CS 470: Computer Networks

Area C courses include CS 325: Introduction to Bioinformatics, CS 380: Programming Languages, CS 420: Compilers, 430: Database Systems, CS 435: Parallel and Distributed Processing, CS 460: Computer Graphics, CS 480: Artificial Intelligence, and CS 490: Automata Theory and Formal Languages.

Department chair: please contact Jonathan Vieker with any updates to the plan above.

This is a sample course sequence to illustrate class offerings for this major. The Office of the Registrar is responsible for certifying completion of degree requirements based on requirements specified in Truman's Official Catalog.

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