Student Research Conference on the Truman Campus
Poster displays are one of the ways students can present their research at the Student Research Conference held on campus each year.

One out of five Truman undergraduates pursues serious research in any given year. These independent projects give you the opportunity to focus intensely on a particular area of interest that might not be covered in depth in your classes. You’ll also learn how to collaborate with faculty members and fellow researchers while developing an idea from start to finish. And you can choose to share your scholarly work at the Student Research Conference held on campus each year.

The opportunity to discover connections across a wide range of endeavors is one of the hallmarks of a Truman education, and we support student research efforts through funding opportunities as well as programs such as TruScholars and McNair.

Research Highlights

Linguistic Relativity
Exploring the power of words
Allisn Kellyt
Trailblazing Research
Measuring the personality of a horse
Josie Foley
Emma Merrigan 220x147

During my time here, I have benefited from study abroad, internships, professional and freelance employment in my field, volunteerism, extracurricular activities, and so much more!

Emma Merrigan, Spanish Major/ Graduate Studies in Spanish Literature