Biology Faculty Research Interests

Our faculty pursue excellence in scholarship—guiding, mentoring and challenging their students to, likewise, explore the questions that intrigue them.  Here are some select publications showing the wide range of research interests for the biology faculty:

Brent Buckner (PhD, University of Vermont). Molecular genetics of maize.

  •  Huang, M., Slewinski, T.L., Baker, R.F., Janick-Buckner, D., Buckner, B., Johal, G.S., Braun, D.M. 2009. Camouflage patterning in maize leaves results from a defect in porphobilinogen    deaminase. Molec. Plant 2: 773-89.
  •   Buckner, B., *Swaggart, K.A., *Wong, C.C., *Smith, H.A., *Aurand, K.M., Scanlon, M.J., Schnable, P.S., Janick-Buckner, D. 2008 Expression and nucleotide diversity of the maize RIK gene. J. Hered. 99: 407-16.
  •   Buckner, B., Beck, J., *Browning, K.F., *Fritz, A.E., *Hoxha, E., *Grantham, L.D., *Kamvar, Z.N., *Lough A.N., Nikolova, O., Schnable, P.S., Scanlon, M.J., Janick-Buckner, D. 2007 Involving undergraduates in the annotation and analysis of global gene expression studies: creation of a maize shoot apical meristem expression database. Genet., 176(2): 741-747.
  •     Beck J, Buckner, B., *Nikolova N., Janick-Buckner D. 2007 Using interdisciplinary bioinformatics undergraduate research to recruit and retain computer science students. SIGCSE Bull., 39(1):358-361.

Laura Fielden (PhD, University of Natal, South Africa). Energy and water balance in ectoparasitic arthropods (fleas and ticks); ectoparasite host relationships; arid zone biology.

  •     Fielden, L.J. and Duncan, F.D. 2012  The Respiratory System – Structure and Function in Sonenshine, D. and Roe, M (eds): Biology Of Ticks (2nd edition).  Oxford University Press, London; In press
  •     Khokhlova, I.S., Fielden, L.J., Degen, A.A., Krasnov, B.R. 2012 Digesting blood of an auxiliary host in fleas: effect of phylogenetic distance from a principle host.  J. Exp. Biol. 215: 1259-1265.
  •     Fielden, L.J., Knolhoff, L.M., Villarreal, S.M., Ryan, P.  2011 Underwater survival in the dog tick Dermacentor variabilia (Acari: Ixodidae). J. Insect Physiol. 57(1):21-6.
  •     Khokhlova, I.S., Fielden, L.J., Degen, A.A., Krasnov, B.R. 2011 Feeding performance of fleas on different host species: is phylogenetic distance between hosts important? Parasitology 138, 1-9.
  •     Sartifi, M., Krasnov, B. R., Ghazaryan, L., Khokhlova, I., Fielden, L. J., and Degen, A. 2005 Energy costs of blood digestion in a host-specific haematophagous parasite. J. Exp. Biol. 208: 2489-2496.
  •     Korte, K. M., Fielden, L.J., and J. Agnew. 2005 To run, stomp, or study: Hissing cockroaches in the classroom. Young Children 60: 12-18.

Stephanie Foré (PhD, Miami University). Ecological genetics; population and community biology; ectoparasite host relationships; conservation biology.

  •     *Dallas, T.A., Foré, S.A., and Kim, H.-J. 2012 Modeling the influence of Peromyscus leucopus body mass, sex and habitat on immature Dermacentor variabilis burden.  J. Vector Ecol. (in press)
  •     *Petry, W.K., Foré, S.A., Fielden, L.J., and Kim, H.-J. 2010 A quantitative comparison of two sampling methods for collecting Amblyomma americanum and Dermacentor variabilis (Acari; Ixodidae) in Missouri.  Exp. Appl. Acard. 52: 427-438.
  •     *Caballas, R., Foré, S., and Kim, H.-J. 2010 Regional model for identifying Peromyscus leucopus and Peromyscus Maniculatus.
  •     Walker, A.N., Foré, S.A., and Collins, B.  2009 Fine-scale structure within a Trillium maculatum Raf. (Liliaceae) population.  Botany 87:223-230.

Elisabeth Hooper (PhD, University of Kansas). Plant taxonomy; Missouri flora; biosystematics and evolution of ferns; reproductive biology of epiphytes; herbarium curation.

  •     Haufler, C.H., Hooper, E.A., and Therrien,J.P. 2000 Modes and mechanisms of speciation in pteridophytes: implications of contrasting tempos in temperate and tropical habitats. J. Plant Res. 15: 223-236.
  •     Hooper, E.A. and Haufler, C.H. 1997 Genetic diversity and breeding system in a group of neotropical, epiphytic ferns (Pleopeltis; Polypodiaceae).  Am. J. Bot. 84: 1664-1574.

Stephen Hudman (PhD, University of Vermont).  Molecular and Behavioral Ecology, Ecological Genetics.

  •     *Stewart. E.C., Montgomery, C.E., Pasachnik, S.A., Hudman, S.P.  2012 Characterization of 22 polymorphic microsatellite loci for the Black-chested Spiny-tailed Iguanas (Ctenosaura melanosterna) and cross-amplification success in four other Ctenosaura species. Conservation Genetics Resources. Conservation Genetics Resources, 4, 47-50 (10.1007/s12686-011-9471-y).
  •     Marriage, T.N., Hudman, S.P., Mort, M.E., Orive, M.E., Shaw, R.G., Kelly, J.K. 2009 Direct estimation of the mutation rate at dinucleotide microsatellite loci in Arabidopsis thaliana (Brassicaceae).Heredity, 103, 310-317.
  •     *Monnahan, P.J., Grose, M.J., *Landis, J.B., Hudman, S.P. 2009 Identification of 29 novel, polymorphic microsatellite in the red shiner, Cyprinella lutrensis. Molecular Ecology Resources, 9, 1460-1466. (Published as part of the Permanent Genetic Resources Consortium).
  •     *Landis, J.B., Grose, M.J., Wiley, E.O., Hudman, S.P. 2009 Characterization of 35 novel microsatellite loci for ecological and evolutionary studies of the bluntnose minnow (Pimephales notatus). Ecology Resources, 9, 864-867.
  •     Skalski, G.T., *Landis, J.B., Grose, M.J., Hudman, S.P. 2008 Landscape-dependent genetic structure of a minnow population in an impounded river system. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society, 132, 962-975.

Diane Janick-Buckner (PhD, University of Vermont). Cell and molecular analysis of maize.

  •     Zhang, X., Douglas, R.N., Strable, J., Lee, M., Buckner, B., Janick-Buckner, D., Schnable, P.S., Timmermans, M.C.P., and Scanlon, M.J. 2012 PUNCTATE VASCULAR EXPRESSION1 (PVE1) is a novel maize gene required for leaf pattern formation that functions downstream of the ta-siARF pathway. Plant Physiol., doi:10.1104/pp.111.192419 (in press)
  •     Takacs, E.M., Li, J., Du, C., Ponnala, L., Janick-Buckner, D., Yu, J., Muehlbauer, G.J., Timmermans, M.C.P., Schnable, P.S., Sun, Q., Nettleton, D., Scanlon, M.J. 2012 Ontogeny of the maize shoot apical meristem. The Plant Cell. (in press).
  •     Brooks, L., Strable, J., Zhang, X., Ohtsu, K., Zhou, R., Sarkar, A., Hargreaves, S., *Eudy, D., Pawlowska, T., Ware, D., Janick-Buckner, D., Buckner, B., Timmermans, M.C.P., Schnable, P.S., Nettleton, D., Scanlon, M.J. 2009 Microdissection of shoot meristem functional domains.  PLoS Genet., 5: e1000476, doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1000476.
  •     Buckner, B., Beck, J., *Browning, K., *Hoxha, E., *Grantham, L., *Kamvar, Z., *Lough, A., *Nikolova, O., and Schnable, P.S., Scanlon, M.J., and Janick-Buckner, D. 2007 Involving undergraduates in the annotation and analysis of global gene expression studies: creation of a maize shoot apical meristem expression database. Genet. 176: 741-747.

Zhong (John) Ma (PhD, Penn State University). Gravitational biology (gravitropism, gravity-sensing, and the role of cytoskeleton); plant stress physiology and adaptation to environment; plant mineral nutrition; root biology; biological modeling.

  •     Ma, Z., *Ren, Y. 2012 Ethylene Interacts with Auxin in Regulating Developmental Attenuation of Gravitropism in Flax Root (DOI: 10.1007/s00344-012-9261-0). J. Plant Growth Reg. (in press)
  •     Ma, Z., *Forrester, B., *Ren, Y., and Hammond, T. 2010 A Computer-Assisted Mathematical Image Analysis Method for Quantifying Gravitropic Curvature in Plant Roots. J. Interdisc. Math. 13(1): 1-15
  •     Ma, Z., Cooper, C., Kim, H.-J., and Janick-Buckner, D. 2009 A Study of Rubisco through Western Blotting and Tissue Printing Techniques. CBE Life Sci. Edu. 8:140-146.
  •      Ma, Z., Hasenstein, K.H. 2006 The Onset of Gravisensitivity in the Embryonic Root of Flax. Plant Physiol. 140: 159 – 166.
  •     Ma, Z., Baskin, T., Brown, K. and Lynch, J.P. 2003. Regulation of root elongation under phosphorus stress involves changes in ethylene responsiveness. Plant Physiol. 131: 1381 – 1390.

Chad Montgomery (Ph.D. University of Arkansas).  Physiological ecology of reptiles and amphibians; physiological mechanisms for macroecological patterns; energy acquisition and allocation; herpetology.

  •     Hasken, J., Newby, J.L., Grelle, A.M., Boling, J., Estes, J., Garey, L.K., Wilmes, T., McKee, R., Gomez, D., Jackson, T., Gibson, N., Davinroy, E., Montgomery, C.E., and Kelrick, M.I. 2009 Evaluation of chytrid infection level in a newly discovered population of Anaxyrus boreas in the Rio Grande National Forest, Colorado, USA. Herpetol. Rev. 40(4):426-428.
  •     Reed, R.N., Boback, S.M., Montgomery, C.E., Green, S., Stephens, Z., and Watson, D. 2007 Ecology and conservation of an exploited insular-endemic population of Boa constrictor (Squamata: Boidae) in the Cayos Cochinos, Honduras. In: Biology of the Boas and Pythons. R.W. Henderson, R. Powell, G.W. Schuett, and M.E. Douglas eds., Eagle Mountain Publishing.
  •      Beaupre, S.J. and Montgomery, C.E. 2007 The meaning and consequences of foraging mode in snakes. In: The Evolutionary Consequences of Foraging Mode. S. Reilly, L. McBrayer, and D. Miles eds., Cambridge University Press.

Carolina Sempertegui (PhD, Ohio University). Dissertation title: Phylogenetic and Phylogeographic studies of Panstrongylus sp., vectors of Chagas disease in Loja and Manabi provinces, Ecuador. 2012

George Shinn (PhD, University of Washington). Invertebrate biology; natural history of freshwater invertebrates; electron microscopy.

  •     Shinn, G.L., Foster, L.E., and *Lohse, A.M. 1998. Prey capture and swimming behavior of the arrow worm Parasagitta elegans (Phylum Chaetognatha). Amer. Zool. 36: 83A.
  •     Shinn, G.L. 1997 Phylum Chaetognatha. In: Microscopic Anatomy of Invertebrates, Vol. 15: Hemichordata, Chaetognatha, and the Invertebrate Chordates, Harrison, F.W. and E.E. Ruppert (eds): Wiley-Liss, Inc. pp. 103-220.

Anton Weisstein (PhD, Washington University).  Biology education; bioinformatics; population genetics; HIV evolution.

  •     Weisstein, A.E. 2011 Building mathematical models and biological insight in an introductory biology course.  Math. Model. Nat. Pheno. 6: 198–214.
  •     Jungck, J.R., Donovan, S.S., Weisstein, A.E., Khiripet, N., Everse, S.J. 2010 Bioinformatics education dissemination with an evolutionary problem solving perspective. Brief. Bioinform. 11(6): 570-581.
  •     Weisstein, A.E. 2010 The case of the protective protein: Using a population genetics simulation in an undergraduate lab course to test hypotheses for the evolution of an HIV resistance allele.  Biol. Intl. 47: 109–116.
  •     Jungck, J.R., Gaff, H., Weisstein, A.E. 2010 Mathematical manipulative models: In defense of “beanbag biology.”  CBE–Life Sci. Edu. 9: 201–211.


    *Indicates Truman Student Authorship.

Hudman_Stephen_Biology Professor

Biology faculty at Truman State value providing our students with educational and research opportunities. Our faculty have the expertise to provide opportunities for students to study biology at multiple scales of organization, from molecular biology to macro-ecology and from single gene analysis to genomics.

Dr. Stephen Hudman, Associate Professor of Biology