Nursing Major: ABSN Sample Plan

Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing

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Pre-Requisite Courses

Pre-requisite courses are required to be admitted to our Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program of study.
BIOL 214 Anatomy & Physiology I4
BIOL 100 Biology4
CHEM 100 Chemistry4
BIOL 215 Anatomy & Physiology II4
PHRE 188 Ethics3
Math 186 Pre-Calculus3
JINS 3xx Jr. Seminar - Writing Enhanced3
LL Foreign Language 6
HIST 298 American Inst. History1
NU 310 Pharmacotherapeutics3
NU 311 Human Nutrition3
NU 250 Life Span Development3
BIOL 353 Pathophysiology3
PSYC 166 General Psychology3
STAT 190 Basic Statistics3
BIOL 204 Microbiology4
NU 185 Dimensions of Prof. Nursing3

Suggested Program of Study

Summer 1

NU 240 Assessment & Fundamentals I3
NU 280 Assessment & Fundamentals II 3
Total 6

Fall 1

NU 350 Adult Health Nursing l6
NU 385 Child/Family or
NU 375: Maternal/Neonatal
NU 410 Intro to Nursing Research3
Total 12

Spring 1

NU 351 Adult Health Nursing ll5
NU 375 Maternal/Neonatal or
NU 385: Child/Family
NU 475 Critical Care Nursing3
NU 491 Directed Studies or elective1
Total 12

Summer 2

NU 445 Clinical Elective2
NU 340 NCLEX-RN Review or elective1

Fall 2

NU 440 NCLEX-RN Review or elective1
NU 425 Community Mental Health5
NU 485 Rural Public Health5
NU 480 Prof. Nursing Leadership3
Total 14
46 Nursing Credits in 15 months
Bolded courses are major requirements. See Truman's Catalog for additional information.
Suggested program of study; course choices are up to student.
For more information, see our Nursing Student Handbook or visit

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