Music Department

Music Research

Research is an integral part of music study at Truman.  Whether preparing for a senior capstone project, a senior recital, or a presentation at the annual Student Research Conference on the Truman campus, you have many opportunities to work one-on-one with your professors.  The music faculty is dedicated to helping you gain a deeper understanding of music through original research.

Music Research Projects at Truman

Afrofuturism: How the Future Can Impact Now
Michael T. Rucker, Jr.
Jocelyn Stevens Prendergast, Faculty Mentor

Angst: A Modern Musical 
Joshua A. Baum, Michelle Foard, and Jason Qualls
Dr. Warren Gooch and Dr. Jacqueline Collett, Faculty Mentors

Bellini’s Tre Ariette: More Than a Few Pretty Songs
Diana L. Upton-Hill
Dr. Warren Gooch and Dr. Jacqueline Collett, Faculty Mentors

The Classical Collaborations of Benny Goodman
Dana J. Mottet
Dr. Jesse Krebs, Faculty Mentor

Compositional Techniques in Carter’s “Eight Pieces for Four Timpani”
Megan E. Arns
Dr. Michael R. Bump, Faculty Mentor

Developing the Ensemble and the Student Within the Instrumental Music Classroom Through Authentic Assessment
Theron S. Perkowski
Dr. Jay C. Bulen, Faculty Mentor

The Electronic Music Working Group
Dr. Charles Gran, Director

The Four Seasons of the Year”—A song cycle on texts of Anne Bradstreet
Kevin P. Becker
Dr. Warren Gooch, Faculty Mentor

Gardens: A Musical-Poetic Collaboration
Carol A. Perry and Stephanie K. Goodwin
Dr. Warren Gooch and Dr. Tom Hueber, Faculty Mentors

Gaspar Cassadó and His Toccata for Cello and Piano
Bich N. Kuhns
Dr. Miranora O. Frisch, Faculty Mentor

The Golden Ratio and Motivic Development in Xenakis’ Rebonds B
Doris A. Doyon
Dr. Michael R. Bump, Faculty Mentor

The History of Clarinetists and Competition Pieces of the Solo de Concours
Shino Saito
Dr. Jesse Krebs, Faculty Mentor

La Douleur de l’Amour: Research Into the Expression of French Poetry Through Musical Composition
Melanie D. Dunn
Dr. Warren Gooch and Dr. Gregg Siewert, Faculty Mentors

The Life of Richard Mühlfeld and His Impact on Johannes Brahms
Angela M. Welker
Dr. Jesse Krebs, Faculty Mentor

Musical Choices in “The Alcotts” from Second Piano Sonata: “Concord, Mass. 1840-1860″ by Charles Ives
Michelle L. Jones
Dr. Janice Saffir, Faculty Mentor

One Effect of Reality: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Understanding Claude Debussy’s Musical Idiom
Cheryl C. Wong
Dr. David McKamie, Faculty Mentor

Pre-Feminist Thought in Hildegard von Bingen’s Ordo Virtutum
Jennifer L. Thomas
Dr. Marc Rice, Faculty Mentor

Rahab: An Opera
Deborah J. Pounds
Dr. Warren Gooch, Faculty Mentor

“The Songs of Laurie”: Music From The Tender Land Explained, Analyzed, and Orchestrated for Solo Tuba With Woodwind Quintet Accompaniment
Allen V. Carter
Dr. Jay C. Bulen, Faculty Mentor