Web Resources for Communication Disorders

New Technologies, Assistive Technology and AAC Resources

Jumpstations for Communication Disorders

Many times using a jumpstation is more efficient than starting from scratch. A jumpstation is a collection of related links to other web sources; the information is actually stored and updated elsewhere, but the links are collected in one place for the sake of convenience. By far the most used, most elaborate, and most reliable jumpstation in communication disorders is Net Connections, developed and maintained by Judith Kuster:

A jumpstation for podcasts related to communication disorders and other rehabilitation topics as well as links to excellent online therapy activities  (Dr. Paula Cochran).

Pickler Memorial Library, Truman State University

Missouri Secretary of State, Wolfner Library
The Wolfner Library provides materials for people who are unable to access printed books because they are blind or physically impaired. The resource page is a collection of links about state and national disability resources.

Using the Internet for Professional Education and Information

A Selection Representing the Scope of Available Information:

Using the web to help clients and families get support and information

Fragile X Syndrome and Genetics Resources (thanks to Rachael Suddarth)

Using the Internet as a Resource for Therapy Activities and Materials

Use the web to find and try new products, utilities and clinical software