Chemistry Department

Research Opportunities for Chemistry Students

One of the exceptional ingredients of the chemistry program at Truman State University is the bond between students and faculty. As an undergraduate, you can develop close research-oriented relationships working side-by-side with compelling professors.

Work Closely with Faculty

Faculty-student research opportunities exist in many areas including environmental chemistry, X-ray crystallography, surface chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and computer modeling. When it comes to research at Truman, there are projects available for nearly every interest.

Research opportunities may also include:

  • Summer Research Stipends
  • Individual Faculty Research Grants
  • Chemistry Research for Course/Elective Credit
  • Research to Satisfy Scholarship Hours
  • Research for Hourly Wages
  • Research Experiences at Other Institutions

Through research, you develop new relationships with faculty, increase your confidence in the laboratory, gain hands-on experience, and hone your problem-solving skills. You can also publish your results in the scientific literature and present your results at regional and national meetings. And with successful advanced level research experience at Truman, you may be considered for an Outstanding Chemical Researcher Award.

Research also helps you prepare for graduate or professional school as well as employment in the industry.  Give yourself an advantage by participating in research at Truman State University.

For more information on undergraduate research or the chemistry major at Truman, contact:
Brian Lamp