Biology Facilities

As a biology student at Truman, you’re surrounded by research opportunities in the classroom, the lab, and the field.

Research Farm

Truman has a research farm with fenced and irrigated plots about 2 km from campus. An ecology plot located about 4 km from campus provides a natural field site for instructional and research purposes.

Classrooms and Labs

The Biology Department operates primarily in Magruder Hall, which contains 11 teaching laboratories, seating 20-24 students each, specifically for biology courses.

Magruder Hall also houses all biology faculty offices and research laboratories, six prep rooms adjoining teaching laboratories, and several lecture and discussion rooms.

Research laboratories are equipped with instrumentation specific to each faculty member’s research program and a wide array of modern instrumentation for common use (such as ultracentrifuges, ultra-low temperature freezers, darkrooms, and research-grade microscopes). Students have access to virtually all instrumentation and specialized facilities.

Magruder Hall also houses an animal facility, a large greenhouse, a seed storage facility, and three walk-in environmental chambers. Computer facilities are provided in each faculty’s office and/or laboratory, computer lab, and in several other campus locations.


Truman’s Pickler Memorial Library employs two full-time science reference librarians and has almost 100 biology journals. Truman students and faculty also have full privileges at the A.T. Still University’ Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine’s library (1 km from Magruder Hall), with nearly 1,000 holdings in biomedical science journals.