HES: OTD at Creighton

Truman State University: Health and Exercise Sciences Department
Articulation Agreement


This agreement acts as an understanding between Creighton University School of Pharmacy and Health Professions (hereinafter “Creighton SPAHP”) and Truman State University (hereinafter “Truman”).  Effective November 1, 2003, Creighton SPAHP agrees to provide applicants with the opportunity to receive priority consideration for admission to the Occupational Therapy program offered in Omaha, Nebraska.

Creighton SPAHP agrees to give priority consideration for admission into each first year Occupational Therapy class, beginning with the year 2004 entering class, to those students from Truman who meet the following criteria:

  • Apply during the rolling admission period of September 1 to December 1.
  • Maintain a 3.25 overall grade point average on all college coursework (on a 4.0 scale).
  • Satisfy all Creighton SPAHP admission requirements:

Applicants wishing to apply for admission to the Creighton SPAHP Occupational Therapy program through this articulation who are unable to meet the December 1 deadline due to extenuating circumstances will be reviewed on an individual basis.

This agreement will remain in effect indefinitely unless terminated by either party for any reason.  Termination must come with written notice 12 months prior to effective date of termination.

Required Prerequisites:

  1. Theology, Philosophy and Ethics (also includes religion or logic) — 3 semester hours

    One course meeting Philosophical/Religious Mode of Inquiry or approved JINS course (6 hours)

  1. Culture, Ideas, and Civilization — 6 semester hours, (e.g., history, world religions, American studies, world literature, women’s studies)

    Course meeting Aesthetic Literature Mode of Inquiry (3 hours) Course meeting Historical Mode of Inquiry (3 hours)

  1. Anatomy — 3 semester hours (If enrolled in a combined anatomy/physiology course, 6 semester hours will be required.)

    BIOL 365 Human Anatomy (3 hours)

  1. Social and Behavioral Sciences — 6 semester hours.  (3 of the 6 hours must include either human development or abnormal psychology)

  1. English Composition — 3 semester hours

  1. Statistics or Research — 3 semester hours

    STAT 190 Basic Statistics (3 hours)

  1. Medical Terminology — 1 semester hour

    HLTH 200 Medical Terminology (1 hour)