Find Your Friends

Want to get in touch with a former Truman classmate, roommate, or professor? For privacy reasons, we cannot give out personal information, but with your permission, we can forward a message letting them know you would like to get in touch. Then they can contact you.

How the Alumni Locator Service Works

  1. Fill out our online Alumni Locator Form.
  2. If we can identify the person you are seeking and haveĀ a current address, you will receive a confirmation from the University when your message has been forwarded.

NOTE: We may not have information for individuals who attended but did not graduate from the University.

Information to include in your request

Info on the person you wish to contact:

  • Full name of alumnus/na (including maiden name if applicable)
  • Their degree or area of study (if available)
  • Their grad year (if available)
  • Their last known city and state (if available)

Your contact information:

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