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Truman Net Price Calculator EFC Calculation

What is the EFC (Estimated Family Contribution)? The EFC is the number that is used to determine your eligibility for Federal student aid and is computed from the financial information provided on your FAFSA. The EFC is computed through Federal methodology established by Congress using income and asset information. Your EFC is reported to you in your Student Aid Report (SAR). The EFC is not the dollar amount your family will be required to pay, but rather an estimate of your family’s financial strength and ability to contribute to your education.

The FAFSA can be submitted as early as October 1 of the year preceding your entry to college. For example, if you plan to enter college in Fall 2020, you may complete the FAFSA beginning October 1, 2019.

If you wish to estimate your EFC prior to being able to complete the FAFSA, you may do so using the online FAFSA4Caster. The FAFSA4Caster website is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education. After you have calculated your estimated EFC, be sure to return to the Truman website to complete the Truman Net Price Calculator .

To complete the FAFSA4caster, complete the following steps:

  1. Visit the FAFSA4caster at
  2. Complete page 1 of FAFASA4Caster. Click Submit.
  3. You may skip the fields on page 2. Click Calculate.
  4. Look for the Difference heading and make note of your estimated EFC.efc-location
  5. Return to the Truman Net Price Calculator homepage and choose Option 2.

Need assistance? The Financial Aid Office welcomes questions you may have about the FAFSA or your EFC at 660-785-4130 or Questions regarding scholarship policy and eligibility may be directed to the Office of Admission at 660-785-4114 or