Students of Concern Team: Who We Are

The Students of Concern (SOC) Team at Truman consists of representatives from Student Affairs, University Counseling Services, Student Health Center, Department of Public Safety, Office of Citizenship and Community Standards, Residence Life, and the Center for Academic Excellence.

The composition of the SOC was intentionally constructed so that members bring multidisciplinary perspectives regarding support for students experiencing mental, physical, spiritual, academic or financial distress.

If this is an emergency, call 911. This site is not monitored 24 hours a day.

Behavioral Referral Form

Members of the Students of Concern Group

  • Janna Stoskopf
    VP for Student Affairs
    (660) 785-5404
  • Michelle Blakely
    Disability Services
    ( 660) 785-4478
  • JD Smiser
    (660) 785-4111
  • Sara Holzmeier
    Department of Public Safety
    (660) 785-4177
  • John Gardner
    Residence Life
    (660) 785-4227
  • Andrea Maag
    Center for Academic Excellence
    660) 785-4864
  • Brenda Higgins
    Student Health Center
    (660) 785-4562
  • Jamie Ball
    Institutional Compliance
    (660) 785-4354
  • Angel Utt
    University Counseling Services
    (660) 785-4014