With a passion for the subjects they teach, our faculty work closely with students to make sure they are more fully engaged in their learning so they can discover their personal and professional purpose. Here’s a sampling of some of the people who help make the Truman community such a remarkable place for students to prepare for lives that matter.

  • Vayujeet Gokhale

    Physics Department

    Vayujeet GokhaleAn associate professor of physics, Vayujeet Gokhale oversees the Truman Observatory located at the University Farm and teaches teaches subjects including astronomy, astrophysics, astrobiology and meteorology. When teaching introductory classes, Gokhale wants his students to enjoy the content, feel comfortable asking questions and learn the basics. For advanced classes, he likes to challenge students and push them beyond their comfort zone. “No matter what the level of the class, my aim is always to create an environment in which the student feels motivated and excited about learning the material,” says Gokhale.

  • Sheila Garlock

    Communication Disorders Department

    Sheila GarlockSheila Garlock has been a presence in the  Communication Disorders Department for 20 years – even longer when counting the time she spent earning her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Truman in 1977 and 1978, respectively. In addition to supervising students in the Speech and Hearing Clinic, she teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses. Some of her students have been known to call her mom, a not uncommon moniker for Garlock to hear on campus considering all three of her daughters attended the University.

  • Neil and Lou Ann Gilchrist

    Gilchrist Family Ever since Lou Ann Gilchrist landed a job teaching in the University’s graduate program 30 years ago, she and her husband, Neil, have been fixtures on campus. Lou Ann moved from the classroom into administration and, as vice president for student affairs, she’s largely responsible for what happens with students outside of the classroom. Neil, a devoted professor of business, enjoys helping students understand their potential to improve the world of business.

  • David Gillette

    Department of Economics
    David Gillette

    David Gillette has taught more than a dozen varieties of economics classes at Truman, and has overseen numerous independent study courses. He also has made a difference outside of the classroom, volunteering for multiple student organizations.

  • Lucy Lee

    Department of Classical and Modern Languages
    Lucy Lee

    Counting the time she spent “play teaching” as a child in her rural Georgia home, Lucy Lee has been an educator most of her life.

  • Kit and Steve Hadwiger

    Nursing Department
    Kit and Steve Hadwiger
    A chance meeting in the front row of a church in Alva, Okla., turned into a marriage approaching 30 years strong. Stephen and Mariquit “Kit” Hadwiger have been teaching in the University’s Nursing Department for 21 and 20 years, respectively.

  • Stephen Allen

    Business Administration Department
    Alan StephenStephen Allen
    Stephen Allen, professor of business administration, has been a member of the Truman faculty for 25 years. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering and a Ph.D. in engineering management from the Missouri University of Science & Technology.

  • Michael Seipel

    Agricultural Science Department
    SONY DSCMichael Seipel, professor and chair of the Agricultural Science Department, finds it gratifying to hear about the difference that our Truman alumni are making in their careers, their families, their communities, but to also hear the sometimes surprising things that they remember about their time in Kirksville.

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Matvey Gorbunov, Russia, 2015

My professors are ready to help me at any time. It is magnificent! I can easily come after class and ask about any doubts or concerns I might have. I also really appreciate the tutoring hours available for students. I can ask the student tutors about anything that confuses me, and they will help me to understand the material.

Matvey Gorbunov, Russia