Awarded Bids

This page is the current listing of the Recently Awarded bids / proposals by Truman State University’s Purchasing Section of the Business Office.  The Awarded bids/ proposals will remain on its website for one (1) year.  They are listed with the most recently awarded appearing first on the list.  Truman State University reserves the right to post or not post any or all bids to this site.  All bids available for public response are available by contacting the appropriate buyer listed.

Recently Awarded Bids / Proposals

Bid/RFP NumberDescriptionClosing Date  Awardee  AmountBuyer
2018-010Perimeter Access CardsOctober 19, 2017Color ID$9,600.00Lori Davenport
SP18-11Pershing Arena Northwest Egress Door Replacement ProjectSeptember 26, 2017Aladdin Glass Inc.$16,921.00Kim Murphy
SP18-10Barnett Hall Rooftop HVAC Unit Replacement ProjectSeptember 21, 2017Peters Heating & Air Conditioning$21,740.00Kim Murphy
2018-0082017 Homecoming ApparelSeptember 12, 2017Midwest Graphics and Awards Inc$11,000+Lori Davenport
2018-007Various Print Jobs for AdmissionsSeptember 19, 2017Modern Litho, Creasey Printing, Henry Wurst$12,136.19Lori Davenport
SP18-09Water Softener Resin Replacement Project in Dobson & Ryle HallsSeptember 5, 2017Culligan of Hannibal$16,384.00
Kim Murphy
2018-0062017 Alumni Homecoming ApparelAugust 17, 2017St. Albans$10,859.25Lori Davenport
2018-005Blanket Contract for Routine Vehicle Maint & RepairsAugust 15, 2017Woody's Tire & Auto$47,800.00Lori Davenport
SP17-06Piano Tuning And Maintenance ServicesNovember 17, 2016David KruegerContractKim Murphy
SP18-07Print Media / Direct Mail ServicesJune 28, 2017Webber Communication$156,179.00Kim Murphy
CP2018-002Pickler Memorial Circulation Desk Replacement ProjectAugust 17, 2017A to Z Facility Solutions LLC$8,643.31Kim Murphy
CP2018-001Pickler Memorial Carpet Installation ProjectJuly 27, 2017Moore's Floors$2,820.00Kim Murphy
SP18-06Softball Backstop & Dugout Improvements ProjectJuly 6, 2017Wamco Athletics$21.190.00Kim Murphy
SP18-05Baseball Warning Track ProjectJuly 6, 2017Houska, Inc$58,619.00Kim Murphy
SP18-02Athletic Apparel, Accessories, EquipmentJuly 20, 2017EastbayPartnership AgreementLori Davenport
SP18-01Printing of The Index, a student newspaperAugust 4, 2017Press Journal Printing$22,400.00Lori Davenport
SP17-202016-2017 35-Passenger Mini BusJune 16, 2017CANCELLEDKim Murphy
SP17-13University Residence Hall Laundry ServicesApril 27, 2017JETZ ServicesContractKim Murphy
SP17-11Implementation of University Coursework Using an Adaptive Learning PlatformMarch 23, 2017Smart SparrowContractKim Murphy
SP17-19University Residence Painting ProjectJune 8, 2017Vanhoose Painting, Etc.$19,400.00Kim Murphy
2018-003Three Residence Hall Bathroom Tile Floor Replacement ProjectJune 1, 2017Sparks Constructors, Inc.$11,100.00Kim Murphy
2018-002Water Softener SaltJune 1, 2017MFA AgriService - Kirksville$9,187.50Lori Davenport
2018-001Residence Hall MattressesMay 25, 2017Kelly's Furniture$27,876.00Lori Davenport
SP17-18University Residence Master Bath Upgrade ProjectJune 15, 2017PSR Construction Inc.$50,164.00Kim Murphy
SP17-17University Residence Electrical System Upgrade ProjectJune 2, 2017Jackson Electric & Sign Inc.$21,,260.00Kim Murphy
2017-032Rotisserie OvenMay 30, 2017Performance Interiors (Sodexo)$12,916.24Lori Davenport
2017-030Rainwater Cathment SystemMay 23, 2017Rain Harvest Systems$9,486.21Lori Davenport
2017-028Dobson Hall Replacement Door ProjectMay 31, 2017PSR Construction, Inc.$19,599.00Kim Murphy
SP17-16University Residence Air Conditioning Replacement ProjectMay 23, 2017Peters Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc$29.926.00Kim Murphy
SP17-15University Residence Asbestos AbatementMay 10, 2017Advanced Environmental Testing & Abatement, Inc.$9,962.00Kim Murphy
2017-029Student Union Building East Exterior Door ReplacementMay 16. 2017Aladdin Glass Inc.$12,890.00Kim Murphy
SP17-14Summer 2017 Concrete Repair ProjectMay 2, 2017Mihalevich Concrete Construction$34,307.00Kim Murphy
2017-031Truman Week, Orientation, Showcase T-ShirtsApril 25, 2017Tru Choices$10,398.00Lori Davenport
SP17-12.1Student Union Building Kitchen Dish Machine ReplacementMarch 24, 2017Servco Equipment Co.$141,609.00Kim Murphy
2017-023Food Service EquipmentMarch 9, 2017Douglas Equipment / Rapids Foodservice / B&J Peerless / Cooks Direct$26,414.39Lori Davenport
SP17-08Financial/Institutional Aid Analysis Consulting ServicesFebruary 9, 2017AACRAO$47,890.00Kim Murphy
SP17-17Online Program Management ServicesOctober 12, 2016Keypath EducationContractKim Murphy
SP17-12Student Union Building Kitchen Dish Machine Replacement ProjectMarch 21, 2017Cancelled due to bid submissions deemed Non-ResponsiveKim Murphy
2017-020LED Light FixturesFebruary 9, 2017Crescent Electric Supply$14,592.00Lori Davenport
SP17-10Ophelia Parrish - Severns Theatre Roof Replacement ProjectNovember 17, 2016Roberts Roofing Co., Inc.$71,534.00Kim Murphy
SP17-09Blanton-Nason-Brewer Sanitary Sewer Pipe Liner ProjectNovember 16, 2016SAK Construction LLC$18,490.00Kim Murphy
2017-013Stock Trailer with Trade-InNovember 15, 2016McGown Equipment$6,325.00Lori Davenport
2017-011Snow and Ice MeltOctober 19, 2016Reinders$5,187.60Lori Davenport
2017-009Grinder PumpsOctober 6, 2016JCI Industries$10,815.00Lori Davenport
SP17-05Student Activities Board Production, Lighting & SoundSeptember 13, 2016Sound Check Enterprises Inc.$11,088.00Kim Murphy
SP17-04Chemical Inventory Tracking SystemAugust 31, 2016Vertere$20,496.00Kim Murphy
2017-0082016 Chevrolet Colorado Pickup TruckSeptember 7, 2016Putnam Chevrolet$22,257.00Kim Murphy
2017-0072016/2017 3/4 Ton Extended Cab Pickup TruckAugust 31, 2016Capitol Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram$24,261.00Kim Murphy
2017-005Grounds Seed and Grass MaterialsAugust 16, 2016Reinders, Advanced Turf Soln, VanDiest$33,450.37Lori Davenport
2017-0042016 Homecoming ApparelAugust 4, 2016St. Albans, Sunflower Marketing, Midwest Graphics$14,797.60Lori Davenport
SP17-03East Randolph Drive Paving ProjectAugust 9, 2016Mihalevich Concrete Construction Inc.$18,611.25
2017-003Paper/Printed Letterhead/EnvelopesJuly 14, 2016St. Louis Print Group and VeritivLori Davenport
SP17-02Charter Motor Coach TransportationJuly 29, 2016Cavallo Bus LinesContract
2017-002Pest Extermination ServicesJune 30, 2016Elite Termite & Pest Control$11,600Lori Davenport
SP17-01Red Barn Painting ProjectJune 30, 2016Drew Rentschler
$18,500.00Kim Murphy
2017-001Residence Hall MattressesMay 24, 2016Kelly's Furniture$25,500.00Lori Davenport