Prep Crew

There are many great ways to get involved while living on campus.  Check out a few of those options below.

So what exactly is Prep Crew?

Prep Crew is a group of Truman students that come back to campus to help the Office of Residence Life prepare with hall opening. For those of you that have moved into the residence halls on a Freshman move-in day, you can probably appreciate the hardworking and complexity that goes into organizing a large scale process campus-wide. Prep Crew is just one of the many components that helps make move-in possible. In many ways, participating in Prep Crew is a way to give back to the Truman community!

So what do I have to do?

The specific tasks we are expecting Prep Crew to do this upcoming Fall are:

  • The current projected dates for Prep Crew are August 7th – August 20th, 2019.
  • Moving microfridges from storage rooms into resident rooms; noting their condition and tracking their unit number
  • Creating welcome materials and placing them in resident rooms
  • Assisting with traffic/parking lot control during Freshman move in day
  • Working at a residence hall desk during Truman Days as a mail clerk and night monitor

Do I get paid?

Being part of Prep Crew and assisting with Fall Opening preparations is not a paid position, however there are a few perks that come with your participation:

  • The opportunity to settle into their Fall housing assignments (nothing beats missing the big move-in rush)
  • Housing fees and meals are provided prior to the beginning of the fall semester
  • Access to laundry facilities and SUPER FAST summer internet
  • Broaden your professional portfolio
  • And of course, playing an active leadership role in Residence Life

Apply for Prep Crew

Have any questions about Residence Life, Housing, or Dining?  Contact us at 660-785-4227 or