Semester Closing

As the end of the semester draws near, it is time to prepare to leave your on-campus housing for Winter Break. This not only includes packing up your personal belongings that you will need over break but also fulfilling a few responsibilities to winterize your space. Read below about the five tasks you need to complete.

You will also be receiving a door hanger with closing information outlining these responsibilities. These include cleaning your room, turning off and defrosting your refrigerator, unplugging everything from outlets, taking out your trash, and locking your windows. This information will also be posted on bulletin boards, shared on social media, and described in an email to all residents.

Last Person Out Charged for Concerns

For each task not completed properly, the last person out of the room (or suite, if applicable) will be charged $10 for each task. The last person out of the room should leave a completed “Last Person Out” sheet on the floor. One will be delivered to your room. If you misplace yours, you can download, print, and complete a new one. If not sheet is present when staff check rooms, all roommates (and suitemates, if applicable) will be charged $10 for each task not completed properly.

You must head out by 6 pm Saturday. Everyone must be leave no later than 6 pm on the Dec. 12. Anyone still in the building after 6 pm will be charged a $50 improper checkout fee. Plan ahead to avoid charges.

You need to head out within 24 hourse of your last final exam. Residents living on campus need to focus on final exams. If you are finished with your finals, it is time to leave town and let your neighbors focus. Hall staff can check to see when your finals are scheduled if the need arises.Preparing your room for winter break - Follow these steps to ensure your room is prepped for winter break. Each ste not completed properly will result in a $10 fee for the last roommate to leave. Ask a staff member in advance if you have any questions.

1. Unplug all items from outlets. Nothing can be left plugged in to the outlets, not even extension cords or power strips. This helps to reduce unnecessary energy use and the risk of electrical fires. Staff will check every outlet.

1. Take out all or your trash and recycling. This includes trash cans and recycle bins and dirty dishes adn open food in your room. Leaving trash in your room will make it smell and attract bugs. If trash cans are full, take your trash directly to the dumpster.

Note: There are two different signs about fridges.

The first one is for students living in the residence halls. The second is for students living in the apartments.

Residence Hall Fridges

3. Defrost, dry and prop open fridge. Unplug the microfridge unit at least one day before you leave. Let the ice melt on its own. Dry the unit fully and prop the doors open wiwth the cord so that nothing mildews.

Apartments Fridges

3. Clean and clear out your fridge. Empty items in the fridge that will spoil over break. Take the opportunity to wipe down all surfaces in the fridge to make sure it is clean over the break.

4. Latch windows and close the blinds. Ajar window s allow cold in and cause water pipes to freeze. Latch each window so it is fully locked. Lower and fully close all the mini-blinds in your room.

Note: There are many different signs about heating and cooling.

Look for the sign that shows controls like yours. On all, your goal is to set the unit to LO HEAT and temperature in the mid-60-degree range. This will prevent pipes from freezing with using too much energy. Please talk with your SA or AM if you have questions.

Missouri Hall

5. Adjust heating required settings. The controls on your unit should be left open and set as on coolor for the temperature and lo heat for the mode.

West Campus Suites

5. Adjust heating to required settings. The controls in your room should be set on 65, on, low.

BNB and Dobson Halls

5. Adjust heating to required settings. Set at 65 degrees, automatic, and Lo.

Campbell Apartments

5. Adjust heating to required settings. The controls should be set Cooler, Low , Fan and Mid, On, and Low.

Ryle Hall

5. Adjust heating to required settings. The unit in your room should be set to auto and 65 degrees.

Centennial Hall

5. Adjust heating to required settings. Pull all furniture and other items away from heating unit so can air can heat and circulate. Nothing should be within three feet of your heating unit.

Randolph Apartments

5. Adjust heating to required settings. The unit in your room should be set at 65 degrees.