Spring Opening

Spring Opening Day: January 10, 2021 at 10:00 am

Need to move in before January 10th? Sign up on our Winter Break registration page.


Each year, we have more and more students join us at semester.  This includes both new freshmen and transfer students along with returning students either coming back from an academic adventure (study abroad, internship, etc.) or coming back on campus from a less than ideal off-campus experience.

Spring opening is less structured than the Fall.  It is important if you are moving on-campus for the Spring semester that you keep an eye on your email. Often many of the transition items are communicated that way.

New Students

When you arrive on campus, your Student Advisor or Apartment Manager will personnally welcome you to the community, make sure you have everything you need, and personalize the orientation process. Our goal is to make this process as much as possible about your specific needs and wants for the communities. As we have fewer new students, we have an opportunity to personalize it in this way.

Returning Students

It is important that we provide the opportunity for you to acculturate into a new community successfully as well. Many of the steps taken for new students will be replicated for you including a personal check-in from your Student Advisor or Apartment Manager and personal introductions to your community.

Have any questions about Residence Life, Housing, or Dining?  Contact us at 660-785-4227 or reslife@truman.edu.