Renewal Timeline & Important Information

Please note: The Room Selection process operates on a first-come, first-served basis.  Time slots will open based on credit hours earned by December 31st, 2020.

January 15, 2021 – Housing Application opens online

February 17, 2021 – Same Room Selection Day

Some rooms are not available for same-room selection. If this is the case, you will be given a timeslot to select a new room on February 18 during “Non-Same Room/Displaced Student Selection Day.” To see what your timeslot is, visit the “Housing Deposit/Time slot – Verification” page of your Housing Application in the Housing Portal.

Single Rooms and Double-Room Buyouts are available to students during same room selection for those students who are currently occupying a single or double-room buyout space. Please be mindful that these room types are popular and will likely be taken by students assigned to a later room self-selection timeslot if you do not select your current single or double-room buy-out on same room selection day.

To select your same room (if you are living in a double room) you also need to have already paired with a roommate before the system will allow you to select your same room. The roommate you have paired with does not need to be the same roommate as you currently have.

If you are trying to select your same room and it is a triple room or 3-person apartment, all three roommates will need to email requesting to be each other’s roommates in one person’s current triple room/apartment. Your triple room assignment will be completed by the Residence Life staff.

February 18, 2021 – Non-Same Room/Displaced Student Selection Day 

The following room locations are rooms where current residents will not be able to self-select their room on “Same Room Selection” day and will be given a timeslot to select a different room on February 18.

  • Dobson Hall-1st floor (reserved for residents with approved pets)
  • Centennial Hall – 3rd & 4th floors
  • Missouri Hall – 1st (reserved for residents in a Living-Learning Community), 3rd & 4th floors
  • West Campus Suites – 4th floor
  • Randolph Apartments
  • BNB Sorority Designated Rooms: 1100-1110, 1112-1114, 1205-1208, 1214-1216, 2100-2115, 2202, 2204, 3100-3115, 3206, 3208. Sorority members should contact their Chapter Housing Chair to be given a room assignment in one of these spaces.

February 23 – March 22, 2021 – New Room Selection

  • February 23 at 8:00 am – students that have earned 75 credit hours or more
  • February 24 at 8:00 am – students that have earned 45 – 74 credit hours
  • February 25 at 8:00 am – students that have earned 30 – 44 credit hours
  • February 26 – March 22 – Any Returning Student may select housing

March 24, 2021 – Students that have completed a Housing Application, but have not found a roommate and/ or selected a housing assignment will be automatically assigned a roommate/ housing assignment through the auto-room allocation process.

Important Information

Complete your Housing Application and Submit Your Deposit – Be sure to do this at least 24 business hours prior to your self-selection timeslot to ensure your timeslot is assigned in time for you to self-select your space when your timeslot opens. It can take at least 24 hours for your housing deposit to be processed. If you currently live on campus, your housing deposit will carry-forward; you do not need to resubmit your housing deposit if you currently have a room assignment and housing deposit on file.

Single Room Self-Selection – These spaces are the most popular. Single rooms are likely to be completely taken within the first day or two of room self-selection.

Double-Buyout Self-Selection – These spaces are already pre-designated and current double rooms will not be changed to a buyout space during the room self-selection process. Please be aware that the price of a single room and a double-buyout room are different. Single and buy-out rooms are both listed as one bed space (Example: BNB 1309- 1/1). You will need to click on the magnifying glass beside the room number to see if the space is a single or buy-out. Housing rates can be found HERE. There are no buy-outs available in Campbell Apartments.

Accept a Roommate Before Room Self-Selection – Be sure to request and accept a roommate prior to attempting to self-select a double room or a double apartment. Single students cannot select a room with more than one bed space. If you are the first person to complete the room selection between you and your roommate, you will be able to select the bed/room for you AND your roommate. It is important to talk to your roommate about who will be selecting the room, where you would like to stay, and what room type the both of you would like.

Triple Rooms are Assigned by Residence Life Staff – If you and two other students are wanting to be placed in a triple suite or triple apartment, you will each need to email and name your desired roommates and desired room. You will then be manually assigned to that space once all three roommates email Residence Life. Triple rooms and 3-person apartments will only be assigned to groups of 3 residents.

Pet Housing spaces are assigned by Residence Life Staff – Students interested in Pet Housing in Dobson 1st floor must submit a Pet Housing Application and accompanying registration documents. You will be assigned a room in Dobson Hall first floor by the Residence Life staff team once your application and documents have been received. Most rooms are single rooms. Additionally, there are two deluxe double rooms available to a resident with an approved pet who also wishes to have a roommate. Email if you and your desired roommate are interested in either of these deluxe double rooms. Students wishing to live in Pet Housing who do not have a pet won’t be placed in those spaces until after May 24th when self-selection for first-year students concludes; please fill out the Pet Housing Application and select “I am interested in Pet Housing and will not be bringing a pet” under “Type of Animal.” Pet housing spaces are limited and will be assigned on a first-come first-serve bases for those who have completed the registration processs.