Renewal Timeline

Whether you’re a current resident or interested in returning to campus, below are resources to help you navigate the Housing Renewal process.

Benefits of living on-campus – We know living on-campus is an essential component to  success at Truman.  Here you can learn various ways living on-campus helps you connect to the campus community and promote your academic success.

Registration Instructions – This will help you access and start your Housing Application.

Renewal Timeline and Important Information – Knowing the Housing Renewal timeline will help you plan for picking a housing placement that will meet your needs.

2021-22 Housing Contract – These are the terms and expectations of living on-campus.

Housing Deposit – Here you can find instructions to review and confirm the status of your Housing Deposit.

Housing Rates – Here you can find the housing rates for the upcoming academic year.

If you have any questions about the Housing Renewal process, please contact us at 660-785-4227 or