Growing as a Person

ResLife programs are focused around six core values, all ResLife programs are designed to contribute to the building of a successful community and relationships among residents.  These goals are met in a number of ways including events, bulletin boards, online discussions, and social interactions.  If you have a specific request for an event or activity for your house please work with your student staff member.


Residence Life hopes to create a place where everyone feels connected and welcome. By providing engaging events and taking genuine interest in resident Residence Life aims to become a “home away from home.” Successful communities lead to lasting and true relationships during and after a resident’s time at Truman.

Life Skills
In addition to scholarly pursuits, each resident needs exposure to the skills and knowledge that is critical to their understanding of the world and themselves. By actively engaging in this learning, residents are better prepared to lead meaningful lives.

Residence Life encourages each resident to develop a passion to explore scholarship and the arts outside the classroom in addition to the development of becoming skilled learners. Residence Life inspires to guide residents on their transformation into life-long learners.

The world is full of different ideas, values, experiences, and cultures. Each resident must consider and celebrate the world of differences in order to understand their place within it.

Residence Life promotes service by supporting the people within the community through volunteerism and compassion. By providing opportunities for each resident to share their time, energy, and talents with others, Residence Life aims to foster development in Truman’s residents and community.

To thrive at college and in the world, individuals need to take care of themselves. Residence Life is committed to a campus culture that promotes healthy lifestyles for one’s mind, body, and spirit. Making self-care a priority is fundamental in successful living.