Get Involved in Residence Life

Get Involved

There are many great ways to get involved while living on campus.  Check out a few of those options below.

Residence Hall Association
The Residence Hall Association is the voice for all on-campus students.  You have the opportunity to serve as general body member, committee chair, or executive board member as soon as your first year on campus.
Hall Councils
Each residence hall and apartment has governing body called a Hall Council.  Will you be the President or Chancellor of yours?  Check in with your Hall Staff to join today!
Prep Crew
Do you want to come back to school early in the fall?  If you provide a few hours of service to Residence Life, we will let you come back early and provide you some great food.
Growing As A Person
While living on campus, you have the opportunity to take part in some great activities to grow and develop as a person.  Don’t miss out on the Tunnel of Oppression or Oktoberfest!
Get Connected to Your Community
The hall you live in or will live in is different from the other living environments.  Check out information on your home here.
Living Learning Communities
 What is a Living Learning Community (LLC)?  It’s a dedicated living space in one of our residence halls for a group of individuals who share common interests professionally, academically or socially.

Have any questions about Residence Life, Housing, or Dining?  Contact us at 660-785-4227 or