Registration Request Form

Summer Camps & Conferences - Registration Request

This form is designed to provide Residence Life, Sodexo Food Services, and Facilities information about your group's intended needs.  Please complete this from and return it to Residence Life by within 30 days of the begin date of your camp.

Camp and Conference Information

Terms & Conditions for Summer Housing:


  • This form serves as your programs official registration for on-campus housing at Truman State University during the 2017 summer. If any changes are required, I must contact the Residence Life Office in 1100 Missouri Hall by phone (660-785-4227) or by email at
  • All participants, directors, and other members of any camp/conference that stays on the Truman State University are expected to follow all policies and procedures of the Office of Residence Life and Truman State University. The University and Residence Life reserves the right to enter any residence hall room or other space used by a camp/conference at any time. If any policy is deemed to have been violated, Truman State University and the Office of Residence Life reserves the right to remove individuals or an entire camp/conference from campus.
  • List of participants living on campus must be submitted to Residence Life 30 days prior to the start of the camp/ conference. If for some reason that is not possible, it is the responsibility of the camp to contact Residence Life and make them aware of the issue.
  • Residence Life will send out a form for each camp/conference to have them submit their participants.
  • All payments for outstanding balances must be submitted to the Business Office for internal camps/conferences at the conclusion of the camp or at specified times as determined by Residence Life.
  • Additional charges for lost keys, damages, and other reasons cannot be paid as the camp occurs. These charges will be submitted into the normal billing process and billed to the camp/conference unless a previous arrangement has been made between Residence Life and the camp/conference.
  • For internal camps: Banner account number must be submitted to Residence Life prior to the camp/conference.
  • Residence Life will bill at the end of Truman State University's fiscal year, June 30, and at the conclusion of the camp/conference if the camp/conference should cross the June 30/July 1 date. The bill for the first part of the conference will be a percentage based on the number of nights prior to and after June 30. The second bill will subtract the June 30 bill from the total bill to determine the exact amount.
  • All participant information must be 30 days prior to the start of the camp. If for some reason this deadline cannot be met, please contact the ResLife Office at
  • Cancellation of an entire conference must be made at least three weeks in advance of the camp check-in date to avoid a late cancellation penalty of 20% of the projected bill.
  • Cancellation of an individual must be made at least 72 hours in advance of the conference check-in date. And must be made in writing to the Office of Residence Life.
  • If an individual is not removed from the participant lists prior to the 72 hour barrier that person is considered a no-show and the conference will be charged for their stay through the date of notification plus an additional 24 hours.
  • If a participant must leave the camp/conference early for some reason, the camp/conference is responsible for the charges applied to that individual until they have contacted their liaison and asked to have them removed. If the person leaves on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, the camp/conference will be charged until the following Monday. Notification of a participant leaving a camp or conference must be made in writing.
  • When dining halls are open, all on campus guests (participants, directors, and all other associates) of a camp/conference must have a meal plan. The first meal after check-in will be the first meal a camp/conference is charged for and the last meal prior to check out will be the last meal charged for.
  • All other food services other than those provided in the dining halls must be arranged with Sodexo. Residence Life has no role in these events.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about this registration or about Summer Housing, please contact

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