Registration Dates Fall

Fall 2020 Enrollment Schedule

Currently enrolled, degree-seeking students may register for Fall courses beginning with the following times.  Students may register at or after the times shown, but not before.

Graduate Students Registration DateTime
0.00+ hours earnedMonday, March 237:00 a.m.
Undergraduate Students
106.0+ hours earnedMonday, March 237:00 a.m.
92.0-105.99 hours earnedTuesday, March 247:00 a.m.
80.0-91.99 hours earnedWednesday, March 257:00 a.m.
68.0-79.99 hours earnedThursday, March 267:00 a.m.
55.0-67.99 hours earnedFriday, March 277:00 a.m.
43.0-54.99 hours earnedMonday, March 307:00 a.m.
28.0-42.99 hours earnedTuesday, March 317:00 a.m.
14.0-27.99 hours earnedWednesday, April 17:00 a.m.
0.0-13.99 hours earnedThursday, April 27:00 a.m.

Students who are not currently enrolled – or who were never enrolled – for Spring 2020 must apply for admission through the Admissions Office or Graduate Office. Registration information will be provided during the admission process.

Students with an approved one or two semester leave of absence must contact their advisor to be cleared to register but do not need to reapply through the Admissions Office.

Non-degree seeking students must reapply each semester. Registration information will be provided during the admission process.