Leave of Absence FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the Leave of Absence Process

(F-1 & J-1 students are required to consult with the Center for International Students before completing a Leave of Absence application.)
Log in to TruView and go to the Student tab.  Choose the Student Data channel and the Registration column.  Click through the “Leave of Absence” link and then choose “Leave of Absence Plan Application.”  The completed application will be sent to the appropriate offices for review. You may be contacted for more information after the application is submitted.  You will be notified by email when your request for Leave of Absence has been approved.
A Leave of Absence is appropriate for students who are unable to complete a semester due to medical or other kinds of emergencies and/or for students who are not planning to be enrolled at Truman for up to two full semesters (summer terms and interims do not count against the two semesters) due to a professional development or high impact learning experience such as an internship or study abroad for which you are not receiving academic credit at Truman.
Truman scholarships will be available as long as the student is academically eligible to receive such aid. Federal, State, private and Truman Foundation aid programs, however, may be affected. You should discuss the implications of taking a Leave of Absence with the Financial Aid Office prior to making your decision so you will clearly understand the effect on your particular Financial Aid package.
A Leave of Absence can last up to two full semesters (not including summer terms, interims, or the semester in which the Leave of Absence commenced if you take the Leave of Absence prior to the conclusion of the semester). Academic and Professional Leave is for whole semesters only. Personal Leave can include arrangements for leaving (but not returning) mid-semester. Failure to return within the time specified may result in the loss of your Truman scholarship(s). You may also be required to apply to be readmitted at Truman.
Yes. You will need to contact your academic advisor but you will be allowed to register for classes at the appropriate time during your Leave of Absence.
You are not allowed to take two Leaves of Absence consecutively without special permission. You may, after returning to Truman for at least one academic semester, apply for a second Leave of Absence. Second Leaves of Absence will be closely scrutinized to ensure that students are making appropriate progress toward their degree.
In most cases, a Leave of Absence is preferred over the medical withdrawal. A Leave of Absence allows a student to receive the necessary medical care to address their health condition without the stresses of classes and with a clear understanding that their Leave of Absence has been approved and a plan is in place to assist in their return. Medical Withdrawals are appropriate only when a student develops a medical condition late in the semester that prohibits the student from academic performance consistent with their ability late in the semester.
You may have access to advising services, TruView, email, and some library services during your Leave of Absence. You will also be subject to the Student Conduct Code during your Leave of Absence.
You will not be allowed to live in the Residence Halls, utilize the Student Recreation Center, Student Health Center, University Counseling Services, or attend events funded by the Student Activities Board during your leave because you will not be paying the fees required to support these services.  Since you will not be enrolled in Truman classes during the semesters of your leave, the Registrar will not be able to verify your enrollment for those semesters for automobile insurance or other purposes.
If you receive a Leave of Absence due to a medical or other emergency, you will notify and plan your return through the Vice President for Student Affairs. If your Leave of Absence is due to professional development or high impact learning experience, the return process will be coordinated through the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost or their designee.
Whether or not you will be able to complete your courses depends on the specific courses and instructors.   In some cases, instructors may allow you to finish a course through alternative arrangements or through an incomplete. You should check with your instructors and your advisor.  Taking a Personal Leave of Absence does not guarantee a tuition refund or that you will avoid W’s or WF’s on your transcript.  Personal Leave can be taken for partial semesters of full semesters; Academic and Professional Leave can be taken for whole semesters only.
You can only take an incomplete in a course with the instructor’s approval. Fill out an Incomplete Agreement Form, available from your department office or the Provost’s office. You and the instructor will specify on this form a final deadline for the coursework and the grade that will be recorded if you don’t complete the work by this date. While an incomplete in a class does not affect your GPA for that semester, it also does not count as completed credit hours. It will not defer decisions based on your completed credit hours, like your scholarship eligibility and your probation status. It’s almost always better to finish the course within the regular semester than to take an incomplete, because incompletes tend to multiply your work the next semester. Incompletes work out best when students take them in response to a late-breaking emergency, like an illness or other unforeseen obstacle.
An Academic/Professional Leave takes effect on the first day of the first semester that you identify for your leave. Whenever possible, Personal Leave takes effect on the date you submit your leave application. Because of state reporting requirements, Personal Leave applications submitted before the last day to drop a full-semester course without a W may become effective after that date. This date is usually in the fourth week of school and can be found on the Registrar’s website.
Please contact the office with which you made arrangements for your Leave of Absence (Academic Affairs or Student Affairs) when any changes are made from your original proposal and that office will help you make the appropriate arrangements.
Please contact the office with which you made arrangements for your Leave of Absence (Academic Affairs or Student Affairs) when any changes are made from your original proposal and that office will help you make the appropriate arrangement.   Remember that we can only hold your Truman scholarship for two semesters (not including summers or interims). You will need to check with the Financial Aid Office to determine the effects of a longer Leave of Absence on any federal, state, or Foundation-funded Financial Aid.
We would appreciate it if you would notify the office that approved your Leave of Absence (Academic or Student Affairs) and inform us of your plans. If you decide to return to Truman at a later time, you can complete the returning student process through the Admission Office.
It is possible to take courses at other institutions during your Leave of Absence. You should indicate that you are doing so in your plan or notify the office with which you are working once you make the decision to enroll at another institution. Please also check with your Advisor or the Registrar’s Office to ensure that the courses will transfer to Truman.
A request for a leave may be denied if the plan seems inconsistent with the purpose for a Leave of Absence as defined by the process.
Students on a Leave of Absence from Truman are considered Truman students and are, therefore, subject to the Student Conduct Code. If a student on Leave of Absence commits an egregious violation of the Student Conduct Code, a Leave of Absence may be rescinded. A Leave of Absence could also be rescinded if a student does not comply with the approved plan or purposefully misrepresents information on the application.
You will be notified regarding the approval or disapproval of your request and plan for a Leave of Absence. You will be notified when it is time to register for classes. Please make sure to check your Truman email as this is the way any notifications will be received. You will be prompted to contact Truman prior to your return. Other communication will need to be initiated by you.
Please contact Jonathan Vieker in the Center for Academic Excellence.
Students in the U.S. on an F-1 or J-1 visa must consult with the Center for International Students before completing the Leave of Absence Application. The rules governing legal student visa status require students in F-1 and J-1 status to be fully enrolled each semester they are in the U.S. and making ‘normal’ progress toward their degree. Those on student visas may not take a semester off for a Leave of Absence and remain in the U.S. An international student may take a semester off and spend that time abroad. However they need to be aware that their visa status only allows a temporary absence of 5 months or less. Students planning to return to the U. S. must coordinate their Leave of Absence and their departure and reentry with the International Student Advisor to remain in legal student status. The timing of departure and reentry is critical therefore any Leave of Absence must be coordinated with the International Student Advisor. To be clear, the “Truman academic or professional Leave of Absence” and the “immigration Leave of Absence” processes are separate but must be coordinated with the help of the International Student Advisor for an F-1 or J-1 student to retain legal immigration status.