Students for Social Change

Students for Social Change is an academic club for members interested in social movements and in helping the Truman as well as the Kirksville community.   We are dedicated to raising awareness about social issues such as poverty, racism, social justice, globalization, and the effects of free and fair trade. We are passionate about seeing social change in our own community as well as in the world.

Activities and Events

Our members participate in activities such as Social Justice Week on Disability Awareness, Everything Kirksville, Fair Trade Resource Network, Oxfam International, American Apparel, Sweat-Free Communities, and Recipes To Save The World.


Students for Social Change, formerly known as Sociology Club, was populated mostly by students within the sociology major.  Since its name change a few years ago, the club has been more welcoming for students not involved in the major but involved in social justice and change. Past events have included teaming up with RAFT and other organizations to help sponsor the Wal-Mart workers visit to Truman’s campus and sponsoring a talk by John William Simon about racism and the death penalty in the case of Michael Anthony Taylor.