Russian Major & Minor

As a Russian Major or Minor, you study one of the top-10 languages of the world spoken by the largest ethnic group in Europe.

Build a Broad Base

Your studies expose you to the arts, literature, language and culture of Russia for a complete understanding of the language. Total immersion remains the most effective technique for mastering a language, and you can take advantage of Truman’s intensive Russian courses in Moscow during both the regular and summer sessions. Upon graduation, you’ll be able to communicate with native speakers of Russian, possess a critical appreciation of Russian literature, and be well versed in Russian cultural history.

Our Graduates Succeed

This major prepares you to enter the most competitive U.S. graduate programs and a variety of careers. Some of our recent graduates have gone on to:

  • Fulbright English Teaching Assistantships in Russia, Bulgaria or Georgia
  • Teach English as a Second Language (ESL) abroad
  • Graduate school master’s and PhD programs
  • Careers in business, translation, and international relations
Some Truman students spent a semester studying in Moscow, Russia.
Russian majors Caitlyn Priese (last on left), Madison Elmore (last on right) and Darth Takamiya (5th from right) spent a semester studying in Moscow, Russia.

Alumni Spotlight


Languages at Truman

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February 15, 2019

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